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3 Proven Strategies For Becoming Infinitely Happier And More Productive

3 Proven Strategies For Becoming Infinitely Happier And More Productive

Do you always enjoy working at your office desk? Work does not have to occur while in long meetings or sitting by your desk or on conference calls. It should not only happen when you are selling to a client or in an office setting either. But the question is are you happy and productive in your work?

Below are three strategies that can help you become more productive and happier even when under lots of pressure to work.

1. Read Great Books

Even the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs set aside time each day specifically for reading. These include Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Bill Gates, and Charlie Munger.

Reading goes hand in hand with your work if you wish to help a business grow or want to succeed at your work. It is recommended that you read deeply and often from disciplines that are outside what you are familiar with. You could opt to subscribe to audiobook services and listen during your commute. Alternatively, you could wake up 30 minutes earlier and use this time for learning and deep reading.

For those with more control over their calendar, you can set aside a few minutes each day dedicated to reading. If needed, you could prepare the reading materials beforehand. It may be challenging at first but with some practice, this can be a useful habit. Reading exposes you to different schools of thought from the different industries, and you will possibly learn a lot from this, something that you are not likely to learn about while at work.

2. Take At Least 15 Minutes Walks Each Day

Exercise and fresh air stimulate creative thinking and Science backs this up. According to research from Stanford University, it is suggested that walking does substantially improve our creative thinking.

This enables leaders to approach an issue from different angles, compared to sitting in a boardroom which is less effective in dealing with a problem. So why not give this a shot, and try it out with your colleagues and even have a walking team meeting. When necessary, bring a dictaphone or a notepad so you take note and capture the ideas as they come up.

Still, exposure to sunshine helps activates the releasing of Vitamin D, which encourages clearer thinking for when you get home later that night or are sitting at your desk.

3. Reflect On Your Work

Meditation can help you remove yourself from problems in your business or at work and look at them for what they truly are. In order to reap the benefits of meditation, you’ll need to meditate for about an hour each week. This works out to around 10 minutes a day. When needed you could use some meditation apps to help you in the process.

In addition, meditation can result in an improved mood. By improving your mood, you will be able you get over challenges at your workplace much faster. Even when you don’t get a solution to your problem immediately, you will get the mental tools needed in working through it.

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