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3 Supplements To Compliment Your Diet

3 Supplements To Compliment Your Diet

A supplement is something that you take to compliment your normal diet. While we get most of the nutrients necessary for our daily lives from fruits, meat, and vegetables, it’s not possible to eat just the right food at the right amount every single day.

And with a diet that isn’t perfectly balanced, we have to take supplements that contain vitamins and minerals to help us maintain optimal nutrition.

But supplements can go beyond that. With proper consumption and a clear plan in mind, you can use supplements to boost your productivity as well. Today on Topthingy, we will take a look at 3 supplements that can boost your energy level and performance.

1. Omega-3 supplement

Omega-3 is one of the healthy fats that help improve the functions of your heart. It can also enhance the performance of your immune system, improve your brain activities and fasten any inflammatory response.

Fatty acids like Omega-3 also carry certain effects on your mood and feeling. There are studies that highlight the impact of Omega-3 on reducing depression and improving sleep quality. Some also point out that fatty acid can even increase your libido!

Omega-3 is found abundantly in walnuts and fish. Eating food should always be your first priority but if you are allergic to those, fish oil works well as an Omega-3 supplement.

2. Vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is getting more attention in recent years due to its benefits to our immune system. You must have heard about how human exposure to sunlight can produce vitamin D. While that’s true, it’s worth noting that there are two forms of vitamin D. Vitamin D2 is only obtained when you eat food and Vitamin D3 is the vitamin that you get from the sunlight.

Having an adequate amount of Vitamin D allows your body to regulate the level of calcium and phosphorous. The vitamin is also responsible for insulin production, weight and immunity control in your body.

Needless to say, it’s pretty important. If you work or live in an environment where direct sunlight is scarce, you should consider taking vitamin D supplements. For vitamin D2, you can consider eating more eggs and sardines, or more dairy products like cheese and butter. Make sure to consult your medical doctor to check the status of your vitamin D in your body.

3. Protein powder

Protein can be found in food like chicken, fish, most meat and dairy product and even from plants and veggies. While many of us can maintain our protein needs with just the daily diet, you have to keep in mind that protein is also used for the creation of muscles.

Anyone who is practicing heavy physical exercise or undergoing strength training to build muscles must ensure that they are taking in enough protein to meet their body’s needs.

Protein powder is the purest form of protein supplement. Stick to protein powder to compliment your diet and make sure to consult your nutritionist to maintain a stable supply of protein for your body.

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