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3 Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

3 Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

The world has seen many technological advances in the last hundred years that fundamentally changed our way of living.

We used to spend days waiting for letters from our family and friends to arrive at our doorsteps. Traveling to another country took months on a boat and traveling between continents was considered a life-changing decision. Space travel was unthinkable.

Now we can talk to a person across the world with a press of a button, have goods delivered to our house in mere minutes and can fly halfway around the globe in hours.

And there are even more interesting technologies on the horizon that will change our future forever.

1. Lab-grown meat

We have been talking about genetically modified food for years with many people having concerns about their safety and quality. Recently, however, scientists have gone above and beyond genetically modified food with lab-grown meat.

Even though lab-grown meat and plant-based meat product alternatives are still not commercially viatecble for industrial consumptions, they may one day compete with real meat on the market.

Having lab-grown meat will help solve the need to feed the ever-expanding world population and at the same time, it also reduces the carbon emission causing global warming.

Truly a life changing technological advance that may one day change our future for the better.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is limitless. These technologies converging together signals the coming of a new era – total automation.

Computer programs with their intelligence and the ability to learn can very well become self-sufficient. One day, they will be smart enough to handle all the labor tasks and reduce a lot of time spent on administrations and micromanagement.

Automation has already kicked in and replaced jobs in many places. More and more corporations are rushing to adopt new computer systems that can learn, work, predict and solve problems all on their own with minimal user input. And there is still even more room to grow for AI and Machine Learning.

3. Customized cancer vaccine

A cancer vaccine that can eliminate cancer tumors is being tested at Stanford University. According to their study, the vaccine has cured 97% of tumors when applied to mice. Currently, it is undergoing tests on humans.

The implication of this technology is tremendous. Human has been battling cancers for ages and still, we’re not on the winning side. With this cancer vaccine, it is exciting to think of a time when humans don’t have to submit to an incurable illness.

Currently, the vaccine will enter phase 1 testing on human trial soon. The aim of this phase is to test whether the treatment is safe for human. It will be a long time before this treatment becomes applicable in hospitals, but we can always look forward to a future without cancer.

A brighter future

Technology has been developing at a breakneck speed in the last few decades and we can even go faster, given our history. It’s exciting to think about all the new things that push our living standards to an even greater height. One thing we know for sure – the future is already here.

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