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4 90s Trends That Are Almost Extinct Now

4 90s Trends That Are Almost Extinct Now

The 90s were a great nostalgic time that makes us look back to our past. There was pop culture, music, arts, fashion, movies and many more that were once very popular and trendy.

Some are still going today but most have fizzled out and disappeared completely. The advance of technology, in general, has pushed many of these to the back, getting replaced by more modern ones.

Are you ready for a trip down nostalgia lane? Here are Topthingy’s 4 90s trends that are almost gone now.

1. Getting Your Pictures Developed

Back in the days before smartphones and digital cameras, getting your pictures developed was the norm. Usually, after a vacation, you’d drop by the store and send off your disposable cameras and films to get the pictures developed.

You’d come back and pick the photos up a week or two later. Sometimes people just found random disposable cameras lying around their house and not knowing what pictures were taken. Seeing all sorts of crazy photos from these cameras was quite a ride back then.

2. Video Cassette Rewinding

Before the age of computers and the Internet, people had to use video cassettes to watch movies and videos. After you watched a movie and the videotape ran its course, you had to rewind the cassettes if you want to watch it again.

If your family didn’t have one of those fancy VHS rewinders, a pen or pencil could do the job. You just insert the pen into one of the cassette reel holes and slowly rotate the pen; clockwise if you’re reeling the left hole and counter-clockwise if you’re reeling the right one.

Nowadays, nobody watches VHS tapes anymore except for those ancient recordings that have yet to be digitalized. Videocassette rewinders are out of a job.

3. The Walkman Music Player

Before Apple iPods, iPhones and iPads, there were Sony Walkman Music Players. The Walkman was one of the first digital music players that were portable. For many users, it was the first time they could carry their music with them anywhere they want.

The portable cassette player back then was a complete game changer and people welcomed it with open arms. Originally, it was known as Soundabout in the US but after a while, “Walkman” became the official name.

Nowadays, Walkman is not as prevalent as it once was. It has been replaced by Apple iPods, iPhones and other smartphones on the market.

4. Maps in Your Car

Maps were extremely important back in the day. You see, the Internet was in its infancy in the 90s and mobile phone didn’t have quite the processing power they have today. If you want to visit someplace far away, you better planned your trip beforehand and used your map extensively. There was no GPS to save you if you got lost.

Now, everyone has access to satellite navigation that feeds direction to them via their phones. People don’t use maps as much anymore. That said, having a map in hand just in case something happens to your car or your phone is still a good idea.


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