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4 Best Dog Houses For the Winter Season

4 Best Dog Houses For the Winter Season

Looking for ways to keep your pup warm during long winter nights can be challenging at times. The good thing is that you can now choose a number of easy solutions to maintain your dog’s house warmer, especially if you live in the cold areas. Often, one way would be to heat up doghouses by making your own heating unit or adding a commercial heating system.

But, what can dog parents do to keep their pups warm in the extreme climates? Here’s a look at several ways you could do this.

1. Dog Palace House for Large Dogs from ASL Solutions

This pet house is build using rotomolded (rotationally-molded) plastic sheets. This winter pet house has an auto-shut or easy-push door. All plastic panels, that’s including a pass-through floor and door have an insulating foam. The triangular shaped windows can be ventilators in summer, but the window panes may be closed to keep heat in winter. Standing 4″ above its base, this doghouse has a drain that keeps floors dry and makes cleaning easy.

This pet house is well insulated thus your dog will stay warm in winter. Using your dog’s body heat, the indoor temperature will increase gradually. And if using a heater, you won’t have to run it every time as the house’s insulation takes over in doing its part.

2. Indigo Dog Microban House by Petmate

This igloo-inspired Doggy House has Microban and is dome-shaped. Structural foam is merged with Microban technology to make this doggy house. Microban technology discourages the growth of microorganisms that cause odor and stains. A small roof vent helps in air circulation in the dog house. It has extended doorways that offer protection rain, snow, and the draft. However, you’ll need a canvas fabric or a flap door for when there’s a heavy downpour or stormy winds.

Be sure to correctly measure your pup and look at the house dimensions before buying. This is key when purchasing insulated pet houses for extreme weather. A size bigger than your pets needs can be too breezy and smaller sizes can be ill-fitting. When purchasing this doghouse for a puppy, be sure to consider it’s adult size as this solidly-built house lasts a long while.

3. DH350 Pet House by Suncast

This DH350 pet house stands out since its roof is detachable without having to disassemble everything. It has a sloppy floor that drains to a groove found along its inner perimeter. It has a vinyl door that helps keep moisture out yet allowing you to put your pet’s individualized name letters. The various parts lock tightly like they’re glued hence making this pet House leak-proof. It can quickly be torn apart and built for winter thus making it suitable for taking with you during trips and holidays.

This doggy house can tolerate extreme cold or warm temperatures rather well. You’ll, however, need a heating pad or blanket to enhance insulation in those cold winters. Consider raising this doghouse during winter and rain seasons since the floor is quite low. Several inches of brick or lumber can work fine.

4. Petsfit’s Outdoor Dog House

This outdoor winter doggy house has several good features for your pet. First, the porch design is irresistible. Second, the roof extends out to the doorway, offering ample cover good for keeping rains from flowing inside. Thirdly, the roof is hinged – meaning it doesn’t need to be detached when you are checking the heater or want to clean the floor.

Some interesting features are waterproof asphalt roofing, porch for warmer weather, adjustable feet, inside space for colder weather, and increased ventilation on its windows. The walls are build using kiln-dried cedar. For winter, however, you’ll need to put something to cover the window, many blankets for covering the airy flooring, and a heating pad. Though this outdoor doghouse is made well and is well-designed, its downside is that the price is on the higher side.

In closing

While some dog breeds might withstand more cold than others, no pet breed is fully immune to cold temperatures. Therefore, irrespective of the breed of your dog, he’ll need the best dog house for winter. Especially if he has to spend more time outdoors.

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