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4 Best Website Hosting Companies

4 Best Website Hosting Companies

It seems like everyone is making things happen online these days, it makes no difference if you are young or old. If you have a laptop and WiFi, then anything can be possible. If you’re looking to tap into the possibilities of the online market by starting a blog or an online business picking a great web hosting platform can be one of the most crucial decisions to make when getting started. There are thousands of hosting options all with their individual pros and cons. These are the top X hosting sites for blogs and online businesses

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting prides themselves on providing blazing fast web hosting speed, with the motto of “Our Speed, Your Success.”  If you’re new to the e-commerce market you might not know this yet, but site loading speed has a direct impact on conversion rates, and for blogs on the bounce rate (how quickly someone leaves your site). This makes A2 Hosting’s promise of 20x faster web hosting extremely appealing. On top of speed, A2 Hosting is optimized to work with WordPress, Drupal CMS, Magenta, and numerous other add on’s that simplify the personalization of tools that your unique site will need.

2. Wix

Wix is the perfect option for new-comers to web building. The offer free web hosting included in all of their website subscriptions. All you have to do is choose your subscription based on what type of site you are looking to build, be it a personal portfolio page, blog or e-commerce. Once you choose the plan that is perfect for you the hosting will take care of itself, and you can focus on building your site. Wix offers two site editor options to meet the needs of advanced and novice site-building.  Build your site using either the Wix editor for full personalization or the drag and drop builder that starts with a theme and allows modification.

3. GoDaddy

You might know GoDaddy from their humorous TV commercials, but this hosting site is pretty serious when it comes to their offerings. Their main selling point is that they have a hosting package for everyone, on every budget. They even offer an easy breakdown to find the best hosting package for you based on price, efficiency, and maximum performance. Making it easy to decide on what package is right for you. GoDaddy has award winning customer service, which adds a level of security and trust to the hosting platform. They can help you through any of your dilemmas or answer questions that arise in the process of building your online presence.

4. FastComet

Deemed by the internet as the best alternative to GoDaddy, go comet offers a lot of the same great perks of GoDaddy with a few unique differences. They have 24/7 customer service which is easily available by the chat function on their website. On top of all the hosting features like WordPress, Joomla, etc, they show you the exact breakdown of there services vs. other hosting sites so you can make an informed decision if FastComet is for you. For the newcomers of the web hosting world, they have free tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about hosting, e-commerce, social network, CSM, and so much more.

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