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5 Amazing Present-Day Medical Advances

5 Amazing Present-Day Medical Advances

Medicine and technology are working hand-in-hand to create some of the most incredible advances in healthcare that have ever been achieved. While the field is growing and progressing each and every day, here are five highlights of amazing medical advances happening right now.

1. 3D Printed Body Parts

3D printers are being used in a variety of professions, but they’re saving lives in the medical industry. Doctors are able to 3D print working body parts such as eyes, ears, teeth, and even hearts.

2. Artificial Pancreas

Advanced artificial pancreas systems are being developed and finetuned to fully support those suffering from diabetes. The system monitors blood glucose automatically and provides the necessary insulin accordingly.

3. Robotic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has been around for a few years, but surgery via robotic technology keeps advancing and perfecting each year. Now many major procedures can be done with only small, minimal incisions and expertly precise movements, all leading to higher success rates and decreased healing times.

4. Bionic Limbs

The world of prosthetic limbs has been completely changed with the help of modern technology. There are now several models of bionic limbs that can connect and respond to their user’s thoughts and commands, and some which are even providing a sense of touch back to their operators.

5. Spinal Cord Stimulation

Amazing advances are leading to paralyzed patients being able to walk again. The techniques of spinal cord stimulation have grown very advanced and utilize targeted electrical impulses to stimulate new nerve connections. While intensive rehab is still required, this is an incredible gain for paralyzed individuals.

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