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5 Things Any Pet Lover Needs

5 Things Any Pet Lover Needs

The world of pet products is growing and changing every day! From new toys to monthly box subscriptions, there’s certainly a lot to take in. If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices before you, don’t sweat it! We’ve got the top 5 things every pet lover needs right here.

1. Quality Toys

Sure, your pet has toys – but are they quality toys? Are they built to last and truly engage your furry friend? Not all toys are created equal, and investing a few extra dollars into a high-quality toy now can end up saving you money in the long run. Check out a great toy provider like Kong to explore their wonderful toys for dogs and cats alike.

2. Pet insurance

Home insurance, health insurance, life insurance…what’s this about pet insurance? It’s a growing industry and for good reason. Different policies can reimburse you for over 80% of your pet’s vet bills, including annual visits and emergency procedures. If something serious happens, having your pet insured can save you a whole lot of money and provide peace of mind for you and your pet. 

3. Eazee Deshedder

While it’s true that having fur covered, well, everything, comes with the territory of being a pet lover, there are great tools out there to make the fur fly a little less. If you’re tired of picking up furry tumbleweeds, check out the Eazee Deshedder. An affordable tool with sizes for cats and dogs, this product is safer than the average deshedder thanks to its rounded plastic comb teeth, instead of the traditional sharp metal brushes.

4. Pet Odor Candles

Many pet owners struggle with getting their home to smell fresh and clean. Even the cleanest pets can create odors that aren’t so welcoming, and that’s where Pet Odor Candles come in. Sold in a variety of great scents, these candles have enzyme formulations created to specifically target and eliminate tough, lingering pet odors.

5. Pet Safety Pack

Keeping our pets safe is a high priority as owners, so it’s absolutely amazing that the ASPCA offers a free Pet Safety Pack for pet lovers. This simple pack includes an extremely useful and important window decal for your home to alert rescue personnel that animals are inside in case of an emergency, as well as a magnet for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) contact number to keep on hand.

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