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3 Simple Tips and Hacks to Help you to Avoid Burnout

3 Simple Tips and Hacks to Help you to Avoid Burnout

We all face burnout, but this isn’t something we have to go through in life. Just like for other issues people face in life a bit of education often goes a long way. Luckily, by mastering various tricks, life hack and tips can assist you in avoiding the feeling of burnt-out. With that being said, here’s a look at three tips on ways you can start working towards eliminating that burn-out feeling.

1. Set your ‘Me Time’

You will get burned out, because you believe that you have to do things for everyone else and then do yours last. Whether for a parent, CEO, friend, or even all three, it is a good idea to take time off for yourself. For instance between 1–2 is lunch, you could choose this to be your time for watching TV, a time for you to be by yourself. You could also, choose to block out about an hour to do things for yourself. You could take about 15-minutes to listen to something, read, or even take a bath. Regardless of what it may be, start setting aside time for your alone-time before setting time for anyone else. And like important meetings, never miss it.

2. Learn to say ‘NO’.

You have to learn to say no and this doesn’t matter whether you are a stay-at-home-dad/ mom or a CEO at a major company; you don’t have to yes to everything. For instance, No I cannot drive carpool each week, or no, board meeting every twenty minutes isn’t just going to happen. Oftentimes, burnout occurs because we always continue to pile onto already filled plates. And to avoid overwhelm, you have to say “NO” to some of the demands. At first the people you turn down will be shocked, but with time they’ll understand that you cannot do 1,999 tasks each day for them. And saying NO doesn’t mean you cannot help people, just know when your plate is full.

3. Unreasonable Standards

It may sound great to be a super mom or be like Captain America, but with time this is unsustainable. You don’t have to accomplish big feats, you cannot do everything, and you can’t be perfect in doing everything every day. And by understanding this, you’ll be able to avoid burnout, and you won’t always be feeling down. This doesn’t mean you should not try to be great or do things, it only means not to set standards for yourself that you wouldn’t set for others or even try to do what’s impossible.

In closing

Overall with the right mindset, avoiding burnout isn’t hard. The above-mentioned mind tricks can help you avoid burnout and lead a healthier better life. Besides, burnout should not be continual in your life. Realize that, you can do a lot of things and still not have to experience burn out.

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