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Top 8 Squeaky Dog Toys That Won’t Annoy You

Top 8 Squeaky Dog Toys That Won’t Annoy You

Did you know you can save your sanity by giving your pup innovative toys to chew on all day, and not fill your home with the grating sound? We’ll take a look at the best squeaky toys which are quiet enough for your dog to enjoy for hours. And most of these are totally quiet to human ears and everyone will be happy.

1. Play All Day with a Squeaky Monkey – VVWEE

For those that love watching their dog play but cleaning up the stuffing afterward isn’t as appealing, then this is the toy for you. This plush adorable monkey comes filled with an ultrasonic squeaker and no cotton fluff. Hence, it’s mess-free and so quiet and that’s a win-win.

2. Upgrade Tug Time with a Dual-Purpose Duck – Gigwi

This Dual-Purpose versatile dog toy is best for tug, fetch, or as a solid chewing sesh. It has both a rubber body and plush tail, making it fun for cuddling and even chewing down. There’s a mute button that allows for controlling the level of noise it makes. Though not the best toy option for strong chewers, it’s absolutely suitable for the average pup’s playtime.

3. Mix It Up with a Crackle Stick – KONG

Since some dogs love the crackling sound from plastic, then this toy can make the perfect match for them. And if this is what you pup likes, use this crackle stick to mix up playtime. This toy’s sound is not as raspy as the conventional squeak, but it’ll still satisfy your dog’s need for noise.

4. Play a Quieter Game of Fetch – Ethical Pets

If accidentally your dog once nipped your fingers while playing tug, then this is the perfect ball for you. Using the nylon wrist strap, you will have a better grip and not need to put the hand in harm’s way. A convenient mute button may be used to control the volume during playtime, too.

5. Try This Silent Plush Friend- Hear Doggy

This plush toy is deer-shaped with a squeaker that only Fido can hear. Since this construction is under-stuffed, it is perfect for tossing and shaking around the house and that’s a win-win.

6. Strong Chewers Will Love this Pig – Quaker

Some of the large or “bully” dog breeds have jaws of steel, and this might make finding them a perfect plush toy a real challenge. Luckily, this pig is outfitted with double-stitched seams as well as Chew Guard technology to lasts longer. Additionally, it has an ultrasonic silent squeaker which helps save your sanity and even your wallet.

7. Cuddle A Soft and Silent Plush – Hear Doggy

This blowfish is a soft and silent plush toy that can double as a pillow for dogs who love to snuggle. You can let your pup chew it during a get-together or he can bring it to office. And this is because only he is able to hear its silent squeaker.

8. Go Wild With a Tough and Squeaky Gator – TrustyPup

The plush gator toy has a floppy body since it is under-stuffed, making it fun for dogs to shake. Also, it’s made using special Chew Guard technology which helps make it more durable than similar toy styles. And the best part of all, this squeaker produces an ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear.

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