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3 Ways to Grow an Herb Garden in your Apartment

3 Ways to Grow an Herb Garden in your Apartment

Nowadays the majority of people live in cities, which implies living in an apartment, surrounded by lifeless constructions with a need to see something green. That shouldn’t stop you, however, from growing your own herb garden even if you don’t have the luxury of owning a yard or some open green space. Here are a few tips on how to grow an herb garden in your apartment, without too much trouble.

1. Sunlight is Crucial

Growing herbs in an apartment isn’t as difficult as you would think, as long as you have sunlight and some free space. If you aren’t skilled in gardening, have no fear because it doesn’t take much skill and you don’t need to invest much either.

Most plants love the sun’s natural light. They usually need somewhere between four to six hours of light to grow healthy. If you do not have a balcony or terrace, the best options are to place your plants near a window which is facing either east or south. This way, your herbs will get as much sunlight as they could need and grow healthy.

 2. Plant the Herbs

A good place to start is choosing a container big enough for your herbs while also making sure to have holes for drainage. Once you decided, make sure to buy a high-quality organic soil, rich in nutrients and fill your pots appropriately. Afterward, add a bit of water to the soil and carefully plant your favorite herbs without damaging them. That is all it really takes to grow your favorite herbs and veggies in an urban environment.

Keep in mind you can choose between seeds or starter plants. Planting seeds is a bit riskier because the process takes longer and there’s even a chance that nothing manages to sprout. If you’re a beginner, choose a starter plant, which already sprouted. This way you get a better idea on how to manage your herbs.

3. Harvesting your Herbs

Your plants received plenty of sunlight and developed nicely. But how do you know it’s the right time to harvest and how do you do it? This part of the process is key because not all the herbs are equal.

If you planted oregano or mint, you can snip any of the leaves. These herbs aren’t all that picky, so just harvest the most mature leaves and leave the rest to grow.

Herbs like basil require a different method, however. You have to snip only the leaves at the top while being careful not to damage the bottom. Treat rosemary in a similar fashion. If you cut too close to the bottom, it will take a long time for the leaves to regrow.

As you can see all herbs require different harvesting methods, as well as planting. So make sure to read up on the plants you choose and bring your apartment to life.

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