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  • 5 Free Money Saving Apps

    5 Free Money Saving Apps0

    There’s an app for just about anything, and nowadays that isn’t just the start of a punchline, it’s the truth. From games to photo editors, movie makers to day-planners, there is quite a variety out there. It’s only natural, then, that there are apps that can help you manage, save, and invest your money wisely!

  • Top 5 Travel Apps to Use in 2019

    Top 5 Travel Apps to Use in 20190

    Welcome to the digital age! You can find an app for everything. Everyone travels and apps can be really helpful in reaching your destination, finding a place to stay or checking when your next flight is due. Having a smartphone to aid you in your travels makes life much easier. You no longer have to

  • The Best 5 Educational Apps of 2019

    The Best 5 Educational Apps of 20190

    People never stop learning, and broadening your knowledge is at your fingertips in today’s digital age. Children, teenagers, and adults have access to information at all times and are free to explore any interest. Here are some of the top learning apps that will help you in your pursuit of knowledge. 1. Codeacademy Computers took

  • The 5 Best Dating Apps Of 2019

    The 5 Best Dating Apps Of 20190

    Today, the use of dating apps has quickly become a normal way of meeting and connecting with other singles. To help you find your way around dating apps, below is a look at several best dating apps. And once you know how it works, you can sign up and hopefully cupid’s arrow will favor you! 1.

  • 5 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography

    5 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography0

    Geography is a scientific subject that needs in-depth studying. Hence this can be challenging for students as they seek to understand the different phenomena around geographic occurrences. But with technology, this may not be an issue anymore. Today you will find many different geography applications which are designed to simplify the study of Geography. Some

  • 5 Apps That Actually Make It Fun to Save Money

    5 Apps That Actually Make It Fun to Save Money1

    Does saving money have to be a joyless chore? There are many newer apps which have tweaked the saving formula, by use of rewards and games to encourage people to save. Below we’ll look at 5 Apps that can have you in smiles whenever you set aside some money in savings. 1. Honeyfi Financial conversations between