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Top 5 Travel Apps to Use in 2019

Top 5 Travel Apps to Use in 2019

Welcome to the digital age! You can find an app for everything. Everyone travels and apps can be really helpful in reaching your destination, finding a place to stay or checking when your next flight is due. Having a smartphone to aid you in your travels makes life much easier. You no longer have to buy a map from a tourist shop and you no longer get lost when you don’t understand someone’s directions.

The problem, however, is that there are way too many travel apps out there and it can be quite confusing. Here’s a short list of 5 travel apps to help you plan your best trip yet.

1. Couchsurfing

If you’re trying to save money but need a place to stay, then this is the app for you. The idea behind this app is getting free accommodation while meeting the locals. People with a room to spare sign up on this app, offering a bed for free, because they like to meet travelers. For them, it’s a way to experience new people and new cultures without going anywhere. You can experience the local culture and have a free roof over your head. Quite a sweet deal that keeps your budget in place.

Couchsurfing also has a “Hangouts” feature, which tells you where you can meet other travelers like you. Connect, socialize and experience during your travels.

2. Skyscanner

Finding a flight that doesn’t break your wallet isn’t always easy. This app analyzes all available flights and then lists the cheapest ones. It also offers information on the fastest options. Use Skyscanner ahead of traveling to find the perfect flight that suits your needs.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb became the sweet spot between a hostel and a hotel. Locals sign up on this app to offer you a room or an entire apartment. The app is also handy when it comes to communicating with your future host. Use Airbnb as a travel solution if you don’t have a budget for hotels and want to meet some locals.

4. Uber

The days when taxi drivers took advantage of clueless tourists are long gone. Use Uber to order yourself an English speaking driver who will solve your commuting problems. Cars are a necessity in some cities, and this app is perfect for getting around the need to use a taxi or to rent a car.

5. Google Maps

It’s really hard to beat Google these days, especially because it’s free. If you travel, you might need a map to find your way around the city and that’s what Google Maps is great for. Nowadays you no longer need to find a tourist center for directions or a free map. Just open Google Maps and search for your destination. If you know you won’t have access to the internet while out in the city, you always have the option to download any map, for offline use.


This app does exactly what it says in its name and it even works offline. You can find information on hotels, restaurants, museums and even points of interest found in nature. TripAdvisor is also great when traveling alone in a foreign country. You have access to discussion boards where you can find locals who are willing to help, or you can check out restaurant reviews given by other travelers to find the perfect dinner spot.


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