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 Top 3 Crypto Trends You Should Look Out For In 2019

 Top 3 Crypto Trends You Should Look Out For In 2019

For the last 2 years, cryptocurrency has been watched closely by investors around the world. The currency is still very young compared to traditional currencies and is still in its infancy. None the less, it still managed to catch the eyes of not only veteran but also residential investors during Bitcoin ascendancy to $20,000 per coin back in December 2017.

Although the crypto market has cooled down a lot ever since it’s still forward, and many are observing it cautiously.

In 2019, with big-name organizations like Nasdaq and Intercontinental Exchange joining the scene, crypto is moving ever closer to the mainstream users. If you want to know what to look out for, here are 3 interesting crypto trends that we’ve picked.

1. Push for More Private Protocols

During the bull run of 2017, exchanges were putting more encroaching blockchain surveillance on crypto. As such, the anonymity that miners and traders once enjoyed were slowly stripped away. Some people weren’t happy about it because privacy was the cornerstone of cryptocurrency. So, they decide to fight back.

Starting with new coins such as Mimblewimble utilizing private cryptography to privacy-focused Wasabi Wallet platform, 2019 is looking to be the most private year for cryptocurrency yet. Many pro-privacy protocols are also being deployed, such as the confidential Aztec protocol, the Zkdai protocol, and Resistance – the new privacy coin along with its decentralized exchange.

The initiative is here but it will take a bit more than a couple of protocols, coins and exchange to push the balance back towards privacy. We will have to wait and see.

2. The Rise Of Value-Added Coin

The crash of cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2018 has weeded out the majority of crypto projects that provide no real value to their users. After the value drop, coins and tokens that were designed to scam, and pickpocket investors’ money have died in swath – they really didn’t have anything to back their coin up.

As high as 90% of cryptocurrencies will die – only those with value-added benefits will be here to stay. Those that can deliver real value will continue to grow and make a return on your investment.

3. Mainstream Use and Wide-spread Implementation

Going mainstream and having mass adoption is probably the biggest and most-repeated crypto prediction. Every year, experts and analysts always predict that cryptocurrency is going to get mass adoption soon. And it’s not without basis.

According to a Greenwich Associates survey, the annual spending of financial service firms on blockchain rose 70% in 2018 to $1.7 billion and approximately 11% of the respondent spent at least $10 million.

With more firms trying to enter the crypto scene and establishing currency exchanges, trading protocols, and issue coins, the scene is improving. That said, mass adoption and widespread implementation don’t mean the coins will “go to the moon” like back in December 2017. It simply means the coins are becoming more accepted by the normal users and is functioning more as a currency – instead of an investment instrument.

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