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Top 3 New Tech for Students

Top 3 New Tech for Students

Technology is part of our everyday life and it affects the way we work, entertain and learn. You would think that with the rapid tech development in every sector, schools would revolutionize the way they handle education. Sadly, they have lagged behind.

Many schools are even advocating against the use of technology, but students are using every advantage they can find to improve the quality of learning. Most of them already use laptops or tablets in the classroom and take advantage of applications that make education more entertaining.

However, there have been new developments in tech for students and you might not be aware of them. Here are some of the most interesting devices and tools that could prove useful on your path to acquiring new knowledge.

1. The Smart Pen

If typing on your laptop while in the classroom isn’t your thing, then the smartpen is the best option. It combines the benefits of fast handwriting with the digital ability to record and transfer information. Many schools still value handwriting more than anything and teachers sometimes seem reluctant to have a class filled with noisy laptops. The smartpen is a compromise. You can continue writing by hand but the software that comes with this tech allows you to do so much more. Once you’ve written your notes, you can upload to Google Docs or any other writing software and access it from anywhere. This is especially useful if you are going outside the classroom and you need to continue taking notes. You can’t efficiently use your laptop out in the open, but a small mobile device with a smartpen is perfect for the job.

2. The Tech Backpack

Everyone has a backpack for carrying all their tech, but charging the devices can be problematic when the entire classroom needs to use the two or three available charging stations. This is what the tech backpack is for. You can store all your tech neatly, but you can also charge it while packed. The backpack comes with installed solar panels, storing enough energy to satisfy your power hungry mobile devices. On top of that, the backpack is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t need any kind of batteries.

3. InsertLearning

This tool is an extension for the Chrome browser and it allows the teacher to turn any digital information into a lesson.

Imagine you find a great article on a website that might be useful for a lesson. With this tool, you can add questions for the students, your comments on the topic and maybe a video for further guidance. You can turn any article you find on the internet into an actual lesson, without spending a few hours on preparing the material yourself.

InsertLearning even allows you to highlight specific sections of the web article, add some extra notes of your own, and even create a quiz at the end to make sure your students understand the material.

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