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Top 4 ways your smartphone affects you

Top 4 ways your smartphone affects you

The smartphone has become indispensable in our everyday life. We use it to communicate with family, coordinate with coworkers, we benefit from using the millions of applications for every aspect of our lives and we use them for entertainment. It’s a pocket computer that people can no longer live without. However, there are some negative side effects that have an affects the human body and brain. The smartphone revolutionized and sped up the world, however, it has also caused new problems that are particular to the 21st century. So let’s see the ways the smartphone affects your life and what can you do about it.

1. Sleeping Pattern

Insomnia can have a variety of causes, but one of the commonly encountered in this day and age is the excessive use of the smartphone. Being glued to a screen during the day can keep you focused, sharp and mentally active. This is mainly due to the blue wavelength that is emitted by computer and smartphone screens. It can tire the eye, but with frequent breaks most people won’t suffer any damage. The problem is when someone uses the phone at night for some entertainment or light reading before sleep. Blue light also has an effect on the body’s production of melatonin and this is what regulates your sleeping pattern.

There is an easy solution to avoid insomnia caused by blue light. Simply don’t use your smartphone at least for 30 minutes before going to bed.

2. Distractions

Phones are useful for quickly finding information that helps with your work or study, however, it is also a massive cause of distraction when trying to perform any task. Whenever you work, read, drive or talk to someone, the phone will ring or notify you about some message and therefore distract you from whatever you’re doing. The more serious problem is when this happens often enough that it actually affects your attention span. You can start having serious focus issues if you allow the smartphone to distract you on a daily basis. You can prevent this by disciplining yourself to set the phone to a ‘do not disturb’ status whenever you have to focus on a task. Do not allow technology to distract you, you control it not the other way around.

3. Source of Bacteria

Due to frequent use, sometimes by several people, smartphones are perfect carriers of bacteria that can lead to infections. It has been shown that you can find the same type of bacteria on a smartphone that you normally find on a toilet. Avoid the risk of getting an infection by wiping your phone on a daily basis with an antibacterial solution.

4. Memory

The frequent use of smartphones as repositories of information can easily affect your memory. People started using phones not just for doing a google search, but by also taking a snapshot of anything they should remember for later use. Take the time to focus on an object at the museum, or learn to use a pen and paper to take notes because by using a smartphone to outsource your brain, you are lowering your ability to remember things.

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