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Top 5 paying Affiliate marketing programs

Top 5 paying Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate marketing is awesome and can be very rewarding when taken seriously and done rightly. There are several affiliate program out there and they’re unique in different ways, offering different services and products. The key similarity all affiliate programs have is their promise to offer commissions to members. Commissions are a great way to keep affiliates happy and actively contributing to the growth and advancement of the company’s program.
What to do before joining a program is to learn the most you can about their reputation and public perception – your commissions depend on your ability to convince other individuals to join in with you into the program. So, if the public perception about them is good, your job just got a lot easier! Next, you’d need to find the companies with the best paying offers out there.

Now here’s the juicy part you have been waiting for – the top ten paying affiliate marketing programs online. As you read you will notice the commission rates vary widely and wonder why I chose to put them all up together, here’s why: the commissions paid to you are not the only benefit you stand to gain as an affiliate.

1. Shopify

This by far one of the excellent affiliate marketing platforms that pay well and keep paying through recurrent commissions. Affiliates earn up to 200% in commissions. To make it easier for you, they offer a 14-day trial so you can test and see for yourself how their system works before you make a long time commitment. Only a company that’s sure of ensuring your success gives you an opportunity to try it for free for a period, so you’re completely free of fears and doubts eventually.

2. Six-figure mentors

Just as the name implies, it’s kind of like a mentorship program where you get trained and equipped to become self-sufficient and reliant and making lots of money from the system. This entrepreneurial affiliate program earns you $2000 commissions per sale (CPS), provides you with lots and I say again, lots of business tools to help you succeed.

3. Organifi

From its name, your guess is probably right; this is a health-related niche company with a high paying 30% recurring commission, and a 120 day period money back guarantee for its product. Being part of their program is free, but you need to apply first and stand a chance of earning lifetime commissions as a subscriber once accepted into the program.

4. ShareASale

It has an easy signup and approval rate and covers a wide range of niches. The system allows you to withdraw commissions at the end of the end, this way you withdraw higher sums that must have accrued to you within the month.

5. Payoneer

Payoneer is fast becoming the preferred alternative medium for online transactions for obvious reasons; it’s reliable, simple to use, available to over 200 countries and offer lesser charges. They grant commissions of $ 25 to the referrer and the referred party… Isn’t that awesome? Besides, who doesn’t make payment online these days…

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