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Top 5 Things in Your House that Could be Extremely Valuable

Top 5 Things in Your House that Could be Extremely Valuable

Most people gather many items during their life and often forget about them. Clutter piles up inevitably, so make sure that every now and then you go through your home, garage, and attic. You never know what kind of treasures you might find. So many people collect valuables without even knowing. Some even inherit some family heirlooms and assume it’s just some junk. Don’t be so eager to throw things away, they might hold some substantial value. Here is a list of valuable things that you might find in your house without even being aware of:

1. Vinyl

The vinyl records trend is back and people are looking to collect! Vintage records can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars if they are the first edition. Hipster and nostalgia-driven folk often look to build an authentic collection. If you find any vinyl and it’s still in good condition, do some research and find its value.

2. Old Arcade Games

People have started collecting any old tech in general because it’s gaining value with each passing year. This is especially true when it comes to old school arcade games such as Pong. Don’t be so eager to empty your garage or attic even if you find a broken down machine. A classic arcade game is worth a couple of hundred dollars at least even if it’s not working! If you’re lucky and you can still get it to run, you might be looking at a couple of grand, depending on the game.

3. Vintage Electric Guitars

Fender and Gibson are extremely popular brands even today and any vintage guitars made by this company is highly valued. There is no shortage of buyers for vintage guitars, so if your old man was an old school rocker, you might find a treasure worth several thousands of dollars. A classic Gibson Les Paul, for instance, can go for hundreds of thousands nowadays. If you find an old electric guitar, no matter the condition, have it checked out. You might score big time.

4. Watches

Watches never go out of style, even nowadays when smartphones do everything a watch does and so much more. They are classy. They tell a story. They’re like fancy cars and people collect big name brands. The more complex a man’s watch is, the higher the value. Women’s watches are often pieces of jewelry so you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

5. Books

If you find a first edition version of a popular novel, you hit a gold mine. Book collectors are willing to shell out a lot of cash for antique books in good condition. Some first editions are rare because they numbered in a couple of thousand copies. If you own a rare book you might be looking at $10,000 so don’t just trash everything you find in your basement. Some people stumble on signed first editions and make the mistake of getting rid of them at a garage sale. Make sure to do your research!

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