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Top 6 Jobs with a Degree in Finance

Top 6 Jobs with a Degree in Finance

You love numbers, you’re intrigued by investment opportunities, stocks and you went for a degree in finance. Now what?

Finance majors gain analytical skills and learn how to assess the financial situation of a company or government sector. Learning how to analyze business problems and judging the consequences of every financial decision are important abilities you gain during your schooling.

With a degree in finance you also learn how to use dedicated software to process and analyze the crucial data that is much needed to evaluate a financial situation. These skills are increasingly needed for many jobs in finance, so let’s see which are the best ones.

1. Financial Analyst

The duty of an analyst is to research stocks, bonds, and companies in order to help investors make the correct decision involving acquisitions, mergers and business expansions. As a major in finance, you are trained to research, analyze and come to a conclusion. This skillset is crucial for financial analysts because many decisions rest on their shoulders.

2. Financial Planner

Use your knowledge in financing to help people or businesses manage their finances the right way. A financial planner needs to be able to create plans for various clients by understanding all the necessary accounting principles and apply them. Take note that a financial planner needs to be persuasive and outgoing in order to succeed. Interpersonal skills are crucial in this field.

3. Budget Analyst

Analyze the budget of a business or a governmental sector and assess all possible financial outcomes. You will have an impact on the decision of whether to continue or create a new venture within a company. This job also requires communication skills because you will need to gather your information from managers.

4. Accountant

With a degree in financing, you learned how to build and interpret financial statements, and you are prepared to handle complex accounting for businesses and government sectors alike. As a student, you learned how to pay attention to financial problems and how to analyze them accordingly. After completing an analysis your most important part of the job will be to present the information to your client. For this, you need to be comfortable using charts, graphs and various software that is dedicated to visually present information.

5. Credit Analyst

The job of a credit analyst involves evaluating the financial standing of a person or a business, and the risk that comes with giving them the financing they ask for. You will be required to analyze financial data similarly to a budget analyst or a financial analyst and make the decision based on data interpretation.

A finance major learns how to study industry trends and spot a company’s ability to stimulate its income.

6. Business Teacher

Communication and presentation are crucial skills gained on the road to earning a degree in finance. These very same skills are needed in education and for this reason, a finance major would be perfectly suited in a teaching position. Business teachers are supposed to teach the basic, general aspect of finance such as marketing, management, basic accounting and investing. If you earned an advanced degree, you can even get a teaching job at a college.

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