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Top Supplements to Boost your Metabolism

Top Supplements to Boost your Metabolism

We all know the struggle of losing all those extra pounds. You’re careful with your diet, counting your calories and exercising but somehow the waistline isn’t getting any thinner. Some people have a slower metabolism and simply burn energy at a much slower pace than a normal person. That’s why one of Google’s top searches is about metabolism boosting pills or weight loss pills. Many people believe these supplements are a scam, or that they aren’t worth it, but that’s not the case. Metabolism boosting supplements do help, but the keyword here is the supplement. They are not magic drugs that burn fat. They are not replacements for proper diets and exercise routines. They simply give that extra ompf your body needs to burn more calories. So here are the top supplements that boost your metabolism.

1. Caffeine

Coffee doesn’t just wake you up in the morning. Caffeine is a strong energy booster that stimulates the body to kick into gear. This is why whenever you take a look at a bodybuilder’s supplements you will find caffeine as one of the main ingredients. It gives your metabolism a huge boost, increasing the calorie burn rate, while also stimulating you to push yourself harder physically.

As great as caffeine is, it’s a stimulant that needs to be taken carefully. Don’t overdo it, or the side effects can be worse than the benefits and if you have any heart or blood pressure problems, consult a health specialist first.

2. Green Tea Extract

You can start drinking green tea on a daily basis or take a green tea extract pill if you hate the taste. This supplement has been shown to be a healthy fighter against obesity. It boosts your metabolism similarly to caffeine but without the huge energy kick. This makes it a great caffeine replacement if you are trying to lower your coffee intake, or if you have any cardiovascular problems.

3. Zinc

Zinc is crucial for the proper function of your metabolism. It is a vital mineral that ensures the proper function of your thyroid gland, which produces important hormones that affect your metabolic system. Make sure to eat foods high in zinc, or take a daily supplement. It will help you fix any metabolism deficiencies and as an added bonus, it also suppresses appetite.

4. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

It’s not as scary as it sounds. CLA is a healthy fat that is commonly found in all dairy products and meats. It’s a natural immunity booster, metabolism booster and helps with muscle growth. For these reasons, CLA is often found in bodybuilding supplements, weight loss supplements and on its own in most health food stores.

5. L-glutamine

This is an amino acid already found in your bloodstream and it prevents the loss of muscle mass, while it boosts the repair of damaged muscle tissue. These are the primary reasons why athletes, as well as casual gym goers, take L-glutamine supplements. Weight loss diets burn through your muscle mass to some degree, not just fat. Take this supplement together with metabolism boosters to keep the focus on the fat tissue.


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