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4 tips for a snore-worthy sleep every night

4 tips for a snore-worthy sleep every night

The quality of your sleep can have a major effect on your waking hours. Getting enough shut-eye not only keeps you healthier but it also improves focus and reduces your stress levels. On the contrary when you don’t get enough your stress levels spike, and you throw your bodies sleep cycles off, making it turn into a vicious cycle of sleepless nights. Implementing these four tips will help you have deeply rejuvenating sleep every night.

1. Set the sleepy mood

Scents of sandalwood or lavender can transform your room into a spa-like paradise and wash away any stress from the day. Pamper your senses by adding aromatherapy to your nightly routine. Burn scented candles or use an essential oil diffuser to allow your mind to slip into a meditative state. When you climb into bed already fully relaxed you will be able to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

2. Sleep Meditation

Take a slow deep breath in. Follow your inhalation along its path as your chest and the lungs expand. Now slowly exhale and notice the warmth it creates as you gently release your breath.

Are you feeling a little more relaxed already?

When you are feeling anxious or excited about something, your mind tends to not want to turn off, and it seems to only amplify once you are laying in bed. On nights like this, tuning into someone else’s voice can work wonders for turning off your own. Use a meditation app to bring a personal guided meditation right to your bed, replacing your thoughts with the soothing voice of the instructor. It won’t take long before you go from deep breaths to deep sleep, just remember to set your alarm clock before starting

3. Limit Screen Time

Shutting down your screens an hour (or more) before bed will majorly decrease the time you spend laying awake staring blankly at the ceiling. Trade scrolling through your social feeds or watching a series with reading a book, or listening to a podcast. Screens emit blue light which can mess with our bodies production of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Which is why you can stay up binge watching Game of Thrones all night, but if you read rather than watch a show, you’re asleep before you can even turn the page.

4. Sleepy Playlist

If you live in a busy city, noise pollution can be a key cause of sleeplessness. There are countless amounts of annoyances that come from the street, or other apartments that can keep you up. Unfortunately, you cannot control the noise that comes from outside your apartment walls, but you can try to neutralize it with soothing sounds. Make a go-to sleepy playlist with sounds of waves crashing, or rainfall to block out the noise. Your playlist will be your savior on nights that the city refuses to sleep. With your mind focused on the calm sounds of serenity, you won’t even notice the sirens or honking happening outside.

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