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4 Ways to Teach Yourself How to Code

4 Ways to Teach Yourself How to Code

Technology is part of everyone life and programming is becoming a skill that everyone should possess. Coding is no longer just for computer science majors. It’s something even children are starting to learn in elementary school. Some of the highest paying careers in IT involve programming, so you can ensure your future by having this skill. However, it’s not all about the money. There are many other benefits to learning how to code. It’s slowly becoming an art form or a brain teaser. You can become involved with new hobbies such as game development, or you can focus on profit by going into a lucrative business. The choice is yours. So here are a few ways you can teach yourself how to code.

1. The Why

In order to devote yourself to learning, you should make sure you know the reasons why you want to learn how to program. Acquiring this skill takes many months or even years, so you should motivate yourself by doing it for the right reasons. If you dream of becoming of a software engineer, start preparing yourself for a computer science degree in college. If you just want to keep busy in your spare time, start looking for tutorials online and dig right in. Know your reasons and make the right decision before you start.

2. Choose the Language

There are so many programming languages out there, each with its own uses, advantages, and disadvantages. Beginners often waste too much time trying to find the “best” one. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter. Fundamentally most languages follow the same concepts. Once you learn how to code in one language, you can learn another one in a matter of weeks or even days. However, most new coders start by learning Python or C# because they are easier to start with. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, take your pick and start learning!

3. Start Small

Patience is key. You don’t become a pro overnight. Programming involves practice, practice and more practice. It is crucial that you start from the very beginning and grasp the very basics of coding. It’s like building a house. You need to start with a solid foundation and then progress one brick at a time. Choose a project and follow it from start to finish. Split it into small tasks and tackle each problem until you complete the project.

4. Take an Online Course

There are many programming courses out there that can guide you through this ordeal and give you focus. This is a great way of learning if you are better at absorbing information visually. Some learn better by using a book, while others prefer videos. You can go to websites such as CodeAcademy or Udemy and pick a tutorial or course and start learning. You will learn the basics of programming and work along with the tutorial to create a game, an application or a website.

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