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3 Ways to Become Indispensable at Work

3 Ways to Become Indispensable at Work

Finding and getting a great job is only the beginning. Securing your job and working your way up through the ranks requires are a lot more than just being great at what you do. It is vital to your career to learn how to properly handle all types of office relations, as well as customer relations. The way you deal with your responsibilities is important, however, the way you bond with your teammates and the way you handle your boss are just as important. So here are a few tips on how you can become indispensable to your company and ensure a bright future for yourself.

1. Be the Ace

One way to show everyone that without you the business will fall apart is by becoming the go-to person for pretty much everything. This means that you should know how to handle everything within your specialty and your department, and when someone has a problem, he or she comes to you for advice on how to fix it. Being the integral cog that keeps the department on its feet will immediately make you noticeable. Be that person whose absence is noticed when you go on vacation and things aren’t going as smoothly as usual. Everyone will notice how crucial you are, including your boss.

2. Volunteer

Be eager to volunteer to head any new company initiative that is optional. Whenever your department is looking to make an external relation, or sending someone for a new seminar, be the first to offer yourself. You will have to sacrifice some of your spare time, but this will be well worth the offer in the future of your career. You will have the opportunity to network outside the company and make new business relations. You will be the one to share the experiences with your boss and your coworkers. You will be the first one to know in which direction your department or the company is heading. So never hesitate to take a stance and offer yourself to represent your department.

3. Be a Team Player

Never wonder whether to share credit with your team or your boss, even if it was all your idea from the beginning. People like to work with those who value the entire team. Nobody likes a selfish coworker who is out to credit himself and abandon the rest. Even if you did most of the work, make sure to credit the team and thank your boss for his vital role, even if his role was mostly symbolic. This will show everyone in the company that you are valuable and a great asset to any team. However, this doesn’t mean you should to the work of your boss or your teammates. You can ask for opinions or whether anyone needs your help, but don’t ever take on someone else’s responsibility.

Everyone will want to work with you and nobody would want you to leave the company. This is a great way to also get a substation raise and climb the corporate ladder.

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