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Top 3 Management Software to Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

Top 3 Management Software to Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

Are you a team manager who struggles to keep track of project activities with just memory?

Are you managing multiple projects and relying solely on emails for work organization?

If the answer is “yes” for those two questions, then you need to start considering an investment into team and project management software. Your memory alone can’t possibly oversee everything that’s going on in a project.

It is even worse if you are on multiple teams or managing many different projects!

Here are 3 useful management software that will make workflow and team management a breeze.

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management software out there and for good reasons.

The application provides you with very intuitive and powerful tools for task assignment, project progression tracking, and team communication. You can see exactly:

  • What the assigned task is.
  • When it needs to be done.
  • Who the task is assigned to.
  • How the project is progressing.

The communication channel is kept clear with each conversation between workers kept organized within each project. Comments and replies are usually listed below each other to avoid going back on a bunch replies to find out who said what.

Basecamp also allows their users to set up notifications and check-in questions for quick status updates and progress reporting. Due dates and deadline reminders are also built into the system.

The software is available on all major operating system so you can use it with iOS devices, Android devices or a Windows PC.

2. Workfront

Workfront is more of a package of service than a single application. But at its core, Workfront provides a platform where all your works across several departments and projects are centralized. It combines work and allows you to carry out collaboration between teams.

In short, instead of micromanaging, you and other managers can instead focus more on strategy, creativity, and innovation and let Workfront do the rest.

Workfront also provides marketing, IT and product development solutions for businesses.

3. Asana

Compare to Workfront and Basecamp, Asana is a lot easier to use. It is also a workflow management software that allows you to plan and structure your workflow. You can set priorities and deadlines on tasks and give privileges to your team members, so they can get the details and tasks that they need accordingly.

Asana also features project and task tracking so you can keep track of where your work stands and keep everyone aligned with the schedule.

Asana has a very nice user interface and they also allow you to create visual projects to map out your entire project. They are a lot more user-friendly and very suitable for small businesses.

In short

These management tools are well-worth their price. They provide you with tools and features to automate team micromanagement so you can focus more on the big picture.

Project progression tracking is especially important; you don’t want to organize your work based on memory alone.

If you find yourself struggling with the ever-increasing size of your team, maybe it’s time to give one of these solutions a shot.


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