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Top 5 Healthy Food Product You Can Find In A Grocery Store

Top 5 Healthy Food Product You Can Find In A Grocery Store

Staying healthy and staying fit is more prevalent than ever. To combat the rise of diabetes and obesity, people are increasingly looking at the things they consume in an effort to figure out how to cut down on fat and sugar.

That trend doesn’t go unnoticed. More and more food brands are hurrying to work out a perfect formula between delicious and healthy, using cleaner and leaner ingredients to keep the consumers happy.

So, what are some food products that you know for sure are healthy in a grocery store? Let’s find out with our top 5 list of healthy food products.

1. Spindrift

Spindrift is a brand of sparkling water with a strong focus on using real juice for flavoring. From their nutrition information, you can see that the average can of Spindrift Lime only contains 1 gram of sugar.

Now compare that to the 39 grams of sugar that you can find in a can of Coke, and you notice that there is a huge difference. If you like to drink juice-flavored sparkling water and hate the idea of sugar-free soft drinks, then Spindrift makes for the perfect soda for your household.

2. Dave’s Killer Bread

Many people don’t realize that the bread they bought from most grocery stores is ultra-processed food. These loaves of bread are choke full of corn syrup, fat, and additives, making them rather questionable when it comes to their healthy aspect. Dave’s Killer Bread stands out with the use of whole grain and organic flour to bake their bread, making them safe and healthy to consume. For a brand that has this much dedication to quality and healthfulness, the best way to encourage them to keep up with their quality is to buy them at your local grocery store.

3. Banza Pasta

In the past, Banza pasta was considered by many as unhealthy due to the use of refined wheat flour. They have since changed their recipe and use chickpeas instead. The taste remains almost the same while the nutrition value now looks a lot more desirable with more fiber and fewer carbohydrates.

Ever since the change, many companies are also following Banza’s path by switching out the high carb flour for healthier ones like rice and beans. It’s a great move and Banza Pasta is once again recommended.

4. Applegate Meat Products

What makes Applegate Meat so healthy and great is the fact that they only process meat that is raised organically with no hormone used. In an industry where companies stop at nothing to raise their profit by using chemicals to process meat, Applegate is a godsend. The final product is a mix of fresh and delicious meat that is hearty and safe to consume.

5. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Fruits are delicious, sweet and healthy. They are even better when they are grown organically. With Annie’s Homegrown, you can rest assured that all your fruits and veggies product are coming from quality farms and grown with strict quality standard. If you are looking for a snack that is both tasty and vigorous, then look no further.

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