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Top 5 Home Workout Equipment For Beginners

Top 5 Home Workout Equipment For Beginners

Working out has been trending for the last 5 years. Teenagers and adults alike are paying more attention to their health and they have chosen to work out to improve both their physical strength and appearance.

For beginners, the idea of going to a gym can be daunting. We don’t know how to use any of the equipment, and we are afraid to mess up. As such, working out at home is a much better alternative. You can workout using your body, but that can get old after a while. Incorporating some equipment will help make your exercises more interesting and dynamic.

Today, let’s find out 5 workout equipment that any beginner can use at home.

1. DiBoBo Ab Roller

An ab roller is a very basic piece of equipment that you can find at any gym. They are easy to work with and is perfect for any beginner. DiBoBo Ab Roller allows you to maintain the perfect form while working out the muscles around your abdomen – avoiding most back injuries. It’s portable, lightweight and is a good starting step for you.

2. Gaiam Balance Ball

A balance ball is a type of exercise ball that allows you to perform abdominal exercises and improving your core strength. When you sit and position on the balance ball, you can relieve your back and fix your back postures as you exercise. It’s easy to use and is another good tool for beginners.

3. Everlast Gym Mat

A gym mat is mandatory for any exercises where you have to lay down on the floor. Good gym mats can relieve the pressure you put on your body while you do your crunches and planks. Besides the obvious benefits, it also keeps your floor tidy and clean. If you’re looking to start some core strength exercises, don’t forget to grab a gym mat.

4. The Fitness Lifting Machine

Weight lifting is one of the most popular methods to build muscles and increase strength. By lifting weights, you can exercise your arm, shoulder and back muscles, making them stronger and more durable. Lifting weight is also a good way to boost your metabolism – making it perfect for those looking to lose some body fat. Fitness Lifting machine comes with a variety of weights, allowing you to adjust the weighting load. It’s small, compact and doesn’t take a lot of space so you can fit one neatly in your room.

5. The Bowflex Home Gym

If you are looking to take your home workout up a notch, then this multi-functional work out machine is a good candidate. Bowflex Home Gym features equipment and mechanisms including weight, pulling adjustments and leg pulling mechanisms, allowing you to practice up to 30 strength exercises with it. It’s a very compact machine, with all levers, weights, seats and handles built into a single base, with adjustable hangers and locks, allowing you to fit it nicely in a small space. It’s the perfect workout machine for any home workout beginner.

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