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Top 6 Things Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You

Top 6 Things Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You

Going on a cruise can be a great vacation for you and your loved ones. They are extremely tempting with all sorts of special offers and great sounding deals, however, there is always a fine print. A lot of people don’t take the time to research exactly what they’re paying for and then end up with surprise charges during the cruise. Here are some of the secrets cruise lines don’t tell you. Avoid falling into these traps and you will enjoy your vacation without any unpleasant surprises.

1. All-Inclusive

Not really. Most cruise lines offer so-called all-inclusive tickets, but they don’t really include as much as you think. In most cases, drinks are not included, especially alcohol and surprise surprise, drinks are always expensive. A lot of time cruise lines don’t include fees for internet, room service, and other small features. Always read the fine print before booking!

2. Choosing  the Room

Not all rooms are quite the same. Make sure to look at the ship’s plan and choose the room yourself. If you book close to the gym, swimming pool or party deck you won’t have a quiet, restful time on your trip. Also, make sure to avoid the front side of the ship. If your room is situated close to the front, you will feel the up and down motion quite strongly. You don’t want to feel sick on your vacation.

3. Land Trips

Cruise lines offer land excursions but it’s a bad idea to buy the tickets directly from them. Their prices will always be extremely high when compared to any tour company on shore. So if you’re interested in a guided tour, research some private companies and book with them. You will save a lot of money.

4. Wi-Fi Prices

Onboard access to the internet involves sky-high costs for terrible performance. Save your money and wait to reach the port. You will often find free wi-fi areas that will certainly offer a better connection than the expensive one aboard your cruise ship.

5. Book Early

Prices aren’t always the same. Just like with flights, the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket. You really need to be on the lookout to get the best deal because cheap rooms sell in an instant. People start booking even a year in advance to get the best deal. Fight your urge to procrastinate and make the decision as soon as possible.

6. Don’t Get Robbed

Cruise lines never accept responsibility for anything that gets stolen on board. Legally, they don’t even need to report a theft unless it involves a value above $10,000. Petty crime happens a lot because of this hidden policy, so don’t carry your valuables with you. Keep anything important in a safe and make sure your wallet is secure. Just because you’re aboard with other tourists doesn’t mean some of them won’t be tempted to steal something.

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