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5 Free Online Certificates That You Can Earn In Your Free Time

5 Free Online Certificates That You Can Earn In Your Free Time

What’s better than a certificate?

A free one of course. Many world-renowned and well-established organizations are offering free lessons and certificate programs that you can earn in your free time. While they don’t count as an official education certificate, by including them in your resume, you show your employers that you are willing to put in the effort.

A lot of these programs contain very useful and highly-specialized knowledge too, so it’s a great idea to learn and try to earn them while you’re looking for a job. Who knows, that seemingly out of place certificate might just land you your dream job!

Today on Topthingy, we will be looking at 5 online certificates that look great on your resume.

1. Google Online Marketing Certificate

If you are working, or plan to work in the marketing field, this certificate is very useful. It shows that you have gone through and understand how Google advertising channels work and how you can use them to grow your business. Navigating Google AdWords and Analytics is no easy task, so employers can really appreciate having a worker who knows his way around these systems in their team. After going through the course, you can earn a certificate from Google and display it on your Google profile.

2. Emergency Management Certificate

The FEMA certificates are especially helpful if you are working in a corporate environment. Your employer will be impressed to learn that you have a basic understanding of a command structure and have the knowledge on how to handle adverse situations. The course is free, and you can study it at your own pace.

3. EPA Certificates

If you work in the environmental protection field or have to comply with laws and regulations related to environmental protection, then you should go through the EPA courses offered here and earn the appropriate certificates. These courses will teach you about how to handle certain activities and their impacts on the environment, as well as the parameters that you need to watch and comply with while you’re working. Depending on the topic, you can earn the EPA certificates to show that you understand and know how to comply with EPA regulations.

4. YouTube Certified Program

YouTube Certified Program is an education program provided by Google to help educate all YouTube users, content creators and professionals on how to use and utilize YouTube. The course provides many helpful tips, along with the best practices and industry-level knowledge to help individuals with their business on the YouTube platform. You can earn the ins and outs of channel management, growth projection and optimization on YouTube with this program. Even if you’re not working as a content creator on the platform, it’s still a great opportunity to learn about how to manage and boost your channel. In some fields like online marketing, this certificate is almost mandatory. Even if you’re not working in marketing, having this on your resume is a great boost to your credibility when you apply to any commerce-related position.

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