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5 Life-changing Organizations You Should Know About

5 Life-changing Organizations You Should Know About

It can be hard to find causes and charities that you feel completely secure supporting. Every year it seems more and more large organizations are being exposed as corrupt or malfunctioning from the inside out. Even when you are conscious in your decisions, it is easy to overlook some amazing organizations that are truly worthy of your support. Here are five amazing, life-changing groups to keep on your radar.

1. Earthjustice

“We are the lawyers for the environment,” and “Because the world needs a good lawyer,” are two prominent taglines of the nonprofit organization Earthjustice, and they sum up the group’s mission very well. This U.S. based organization has 14 offices across the country and has given free legal representation to over 1,000 clients in environmental matters. Familiar client names include the World Wildlife Fund and the American Lung Association, but also include smaller community groups around the states.

Since they do not charge any fees for this representation, funding comes from independent donators, and Earthjustice does not receive any donations or funding from the government or major corporations. The organization states it has three major areas of focus: The Wild, Healthy Communities, and Clean Energy & A Sustainable Climate.

2. Puppies Behind Bars

The name may sound alarming at first, but believe us when we say this is a great organization! Puppies Behind Bars trains prison inmates on how to train puppies to be service dogs for wounded veterans, as well as to be explosive-detection dogs for law enforcement. The puppies pair up with their inmate at 8 weeks of age and live with the raisers until approximately 24 months.

It’s a win-win for absolutely everyone involved. The puppies get a stable, loving environment in which to learn and mature. The inmates learn to take pride in their work, as well as form meaningful connections with the puppies they raise. The wounded veterans get placed with well-trained service dogs, and law enforcement gains key members of their teams.

3. Room to Read

Founded on the belief that “World Change Starts With Educated Children,” Room to Read is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve literacy ratings and gender equality throughout education systems in developing countries. They work together with the local communities and governments and are currently serving ten countries in Asia and Africa.

Since Room to Read came to be in 2010, they have helped impact the lives of over 10 million kids in developing countries. They’ve established over 12,500 libraries, 1,450 schools, have distributed over 10 million children’s books, and have funded over 13,600 girls’ long-term scholarships.

4. The Kostopulos Dream Foundation/Camp Kostopulos

This amazing year-round camp aims to improve and enrich the lives of people of all ages with various disabilities. Situated on 25 acres of land, the camp provides a variety of services such as horseback riding, swimming, rope courses, rock climbing, nearby site canoeing, fishing, and camping, and so much more.

Each activity is tailored to the participants’ disabilities and the week-long sessions are organized accordingly. They will provide one week for those with cognitive disabilities, for example, and then the next week have a group tailored to those with more physical disabilities. This group is prepared and passionate about providing inspiring recreational activities to those often left out of these amazing experiences elsewhere.

5. Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue

Maybe you’re more of an animal lover and are still searching for an organization that fits you. Milo’s Sanctuary is an absolutely lovely nonprofit facility that believes every cat deserves a second chance in life, particularly those suffering from physical disabilities, happen to be older, have terminal illnesses, or who have suffered abuse in their lives.

Milo’s Sanctuary swoops in and cares for cats that are often overlooked completely, and they have a Lifetime Care Program in place for those kitties that are not able to be rehomed. They rely solely on donations and are always in need of supplies, sponsors, and funding to help them continue to provide amazing care for the furry friends that need it most.

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