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9 Ways to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

9 Ways to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

Despite being an expert in your field, an influencer is someone that consumers view more as a peer. Things like constant video access and other visual content have made this possible. These are some of the tools that help everyone else “get to know” individuals online in a way that was not as accessible some years ago.

Here are steps you can follow to develop a powerful strategy which will help you establish yourself as an influencer in your industry.

1. Pick your Niche

Pick your niche based on things you love doing and that can be documented in different ways. For instance, a hairstylist who posts her work on Insta. Her focusing on natural hair here is key. Most successful influencers do own a specific category, For instance, if you are passionate about cocktails, post on whiskey drinks, not just the mix.

2. Work With What You Have

You don’t have to set up new accounts. Simply clean up your existing YouTube, Insta, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook accounts by deleting old posts which don’t flow with your new interest. Make your name you handle or use a new brand name—e.g. get a name reflects what you are creating. Then add clear words to your bio about your new project.

3. Make It Legit

Change your account to a business profile using the Settings tab on your Insta. And it’s for free. This will provide you with data, such as when people are more likely to comment.

Next, create a website by purchasing your “brand name dot com.” consider this as your backup system. Nobody owns their free social media accounts, thus it’s not a good idea to build your whole business on them.

4. Post Smart

Be sure to post stuff that truly represents your new brand. This might mean keeping to a certain color theme or sharing a few specified yoga poses. Infuse your captions with your personality. Post what aligns to your brand.

5. Have A Schedule

Keep a schedule for your posting. On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, post at least 1-3 times a day. As for YouTube, you could upload about three videos each week and keep to the same time each week.

6. Don’t Forget Those Hashtags

Write about 10 or so hashtags that are relevant. This will make it easy for people to notice you. List the hashtags in your first comment. Consider creating your own so that people can use and follow as well.

7. Grow Your Network

Network with experts in your industry. Actively grow your own fan base. You can follow the stars and leave comments. If they choose to repost your content, their fans will find you. Also, engage your follower and respond to their questions/comments.

8. Cash In With Links

Anyone with a social account is able to earn cash using affiliate links, for specific products that you promote. When someone clicks and makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get a specific percentage of the total cost from the brand.

9. Work With Brands

Once you reach 5,000 followers, look for other brands that can sponsor your posts. Start by listing all the companies that make products that you like or are already using. Then scour their sites to find their marketing director. Here the rates will vary depending on the number of followers you have!

In Conclusion

Growing yourself as an influencer in your niche could take some time, thus you will need lots of patience and consistently work with it. Most important, realize that becoming an influencer in your chosen industry is not an an-end-all destination. Rather it is a stepping stone that will open more important opportunities as well as responsibilities.


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