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4 Ways to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet

4 Ways to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet

A lot of people try to change to a vegan diet with the purpose to lose weight. The biggest issue, however, is finding a way to satisfy their desire for meat without eating heavily processed meat replacements. Animal-free diets are nothing new, but many fail to properly inform themselves about food in general so they make common mistakes that actually lead to gaining weight.

Here are a few tips on how you can lose weight without relying on an animal-based diet.

1. Consume more protein

Losing weight or staying healthy without paying attention to your protein intake is extremely difficult. Those who are new to vegan diets, especially, fail to consume enough protein due to lack of information or simply lack of knowledge.

Foods rich in protein are great to make you feel full even when the portions are pretty small. Protein is filling and it takes your digestive system a long time to process it. This keeps your hunger at bay for longer periods of time, plus you burn more calories simply because breaking down proteins requires energy from your body. What beginners don’t realize is that meat and other animal products are not the only sources of protein. Beans, oats, and lentils are very common in vegan weight loss diets because they are great plant-based protein sources.

If you get sick of veggies all day, vegan-friendly protein powders are readily available. You can always start your day with a nutritious protein smoothie that tastes like chocolate.

2. Focus on green veggies

Any green vegetable is a fine addition to any of your meals. Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy veggies barely have any calories, but provide much-needed vitamins and minerals. Some of these vegetables even have a negative caloric value.

What does “negative calories” mean?

Let’s say you eat 20 calories worth of cabbage but it takes your body 30 calories to digest it. That means you basically burn more calories than the cabbage provides.

3. Go easy on the fruit

Fruit is great, it’s sweet and everyone loves some kind of fruit. Plus fruit is healthy, right? Well, yes it is but you can’t have quite as much as want when trying to lose weight. Most fruit is actually quite high in calories because of rich sugar content. Especially avoid drinking your fruit. Eat an orange instead of squeezing 4 of them in a glass. By juicing you mostly get sugar and waste most of the vitamins found in the pulp and the skin. Plus, eating is much more filling than drinking.


Watching your calories and eating the right food is still not quite enough, even if you’re on a vegan diet. Start jogging, find a sport or simply go to the gym. Cardiovascular exercises together with weight lifting will have a massive impact on your weight loss goals and physique.

Get in shape with good food and healthy workouts!

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