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  • Top 7 Sources Of Interruptions That Affect Your Productivity

    Top 7 Sources Of Interruptions That Affect Your Productivity0

    It can be eye-opening once you realize that the many interruptions that happen in your day at work can actually be controlled. And in no particular order, here’s a look at seven top interruptions that occur often with most people and these can affect your productivity: 1. Saying YES to every request When someone is

  • 7 Daily Habits That Can Actually Change Your Life

    7 Daily Habits That Can Actually Change Your Life0

    Your attitude will determine how far you get in life. Getting to the top requires personal discipline, focused action, and a lot of energy each day to achieve this. So, do not let old habits keep you from achieving success. Rather, start cultivating these simple but important habits for a more productive and happier life:

  • 5 Tips for Managing Millennials

    5 Tips for Managing Millennials0

    Generally, millennials are described as people born in the 1980s and 1990s (known as Generation Y) meaning the first members of this generation started joining the workforce towards the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s. Though most generations are linked to specific cliches and stereotypes, it’s crucial to keep in mind that

  • Top 5 Deadliest Places on Earth

    Top 5 Deadliest Places on Earth0

    1. The Bolton Strid, England This peaceful, picturesque creek located in Yorkshire, England hardly looks like one of the deadliest places in the world, but don’t let it fool you. Many claim these waters boast a 100% fatality rate for every human that has had the misfortune of falling into them. While other parts of

  • 7 Craziest Things Surgeons Have Found During Operations

    7 Craziest Things Surgeons Have Found During Operations0

    1. Surgical Forceps In truth, there are an alarming amount of stories abound of surgical tools being accidentally left behind and sewn up in surgery patients. Despite strict protocols, human error happens and things get left behind. Mary Harper went into surgery for a benign tumor removal that seemingly went all according to plan. However

  • 5 Signs You’ve Entered Adulthood

    5 Signs You’ve Entered Adulthood0

    Ah, adulthood. Does anyone ever really start feeling like a bonafide, card-carrying adult? For some, moving out on your own is what marks the occasion. Others think it’s marriage, or having a child. Many are in some strange grey areas in between. Whether you still feel like a kid at heart or not, here are