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Top 3 Parenting Mistakes Even Careful Parents Make

Top 3 Parenting Mistakes Even Careful Parents Make

Being a parent is extremely difficult and challenging. With each stage of your child’s life, you encounter new problems that need solving and they will shape you as an adult.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you will make mistakes, no matter what. Even with the best intentions, all parents make mistakes. What crucial, however, is that you don’t beat yourself up about it. Nobody is perfect, and dealing with these mistakes is part of the job. To give you some insight, here are the top parenting mistakes even careful parents make.

1. The Cute Dog

Most parents educate their children from a very young age that stray dogs are off limits no matter what. However, most victims of dog bites are still by far, children. Why? Because parents usually don’t take into account the relationship with the family dog or with the neighbor’s dog. It’s great that parents teach kids to be weary about pets and to ask the owner for permission to touch their dog, however, there’s more to it.

Kids often tease dogs. Even if they’re not trying to be mean, most dogs don’t like having their ears or tails pulled. This is the main reason any dog, no matter how familiar, can end up biting a child. Monitor your children’s behavior around dogs and educate them on how to treat them well.

2. Car Seat Nap

Often enough children fall asleep in their car seat. You finally arrive home and you dread the moment of waking them up. However, letting toddlers sleep that way is a massive mistake that can end up with serious injuries and even death.

Kids under the age of two have frequent accidents when sleeping in a car seat without being buckled. They can entangle themselves in the straps and even suffocate. It’s fine as long as the child is strapped properly to the seat and you don’t move that seat elsewhere outside of its intended use. So as much as you hate waking your toddler, make sure you move him to a proper crib once you arrive home.

3. Eyes on the Road!

Driving with children in the back seat can be a challenge. They are constantly moving around or crying and yelling. This is why parents often take their eyes off the road in order to check up on them through the rear-view mirror. This distraction occurs extremely often and can end up in disaster.

This doesn’t mean you should just ignore your kids in the back seat. Of course, you need to check up on them. The problem is that they distract parents for extended periods of time. It’s worse than driving and texting. The key here is to just quickly glance at them for less than a second. Don’t allow yourself to keep your eyes off the road.

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