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Top 3 Relaxing Podcasts You Can Listen to While Working

Top 3 Relaxing Podcasts You Can Listen to While Working

In recent years, podcasts have become really popular. People can listen to podcasts while they are relaxing, cooking, playing games, studying or even while they are working. Listening to a podcast is fun, easy and even educational.

Today on Topthingy, we will introduce you to our top 3 relaxing podcasts that you can listen to while you’re working.

1. No Such Thing As A Fish

If you are familiar with the British show “QI”, you should definitely tune in to No Such Thing As A Fish. For those of you who don’t know about QI, it’s a comedy television show that involves the panelist Alan Davies and three guests. During the show, the guests are made to answers extremely confusing questions and hilarity ensues.

No Such Thing As A Fish features some of the researchers from the show and they present you with interesting and funny facts that they came across during the show that week. The podcast has been very popular since its launch in 2014 – attracting at least 700,000 subscribers.

You can access the podcast at https://audioboom.com/channel/nosuchthingasafish.

2. The History of Rome

If you are a lover of classical Roman history, this is the podcast for you. The History of Rome (aired in July 2007 to May 2012) covers the history of the Roman Kingdom birth, development, and downfall.

The podcast is exceptionally informative. With 179 episodes, each lasting between 15 to 25 minutes, Mike Duncan guides you through the chain of events that reflects the historical consensus of the period.

Listening to this podcast, you can learn more about Roman history outside of Caesar’s and Augustus’ legacy.

The producer of the podcast went through great length to ensure that the information is as factually correct as possible. In many episodes, you can listen to his discussion and explanations on the accuracy of information sources and why he chose to use or not use certain facts.

You can listen to the podcast at https://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/

3. Film Reroll

Film Reroll is a podcast is a new take on classic movies. It’s simple – the hosts take a movie and roleplay as the characters in that movie. They basically turn the movie into a tabletop role-playing game. The end result is an enjoyable podcast with a lot of laughter and good fun all around.

With Film Reroll, the movie will never go the way they are supposed to and that’s what makes it so special and enjoyable to listen to. The hosts spent a ton of effort on recreating the worlds of the movies they are playing. They try to be as movie–accurate as possible.

For instance, in the Jumanji episode, they made a whole Jumanji board with all the rhyming challenge featured in the movie. Or that time when they developed an app that can turn telephone numbers into random times and places for the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure episode. When it comes to production, these guys always go all out.

Here is the link to the podcast: http://www.filmreroll.com/


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