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Top 4 brilliant ideas that came out of a dream

Top 4 brilliant ideas that came out of a dream

The subconscious mind still baffles scientists as they try to understand the way it impacts our thinking and behavior. Strangely, many of the world-changing innovations were sparked by the subconscious through dreams. Novelists, engineers, scientists and researchers alike made breakthroughs that would push the world into the future. Some of these breakthroughs were the results of a dream. Here is a list of the most astonishing human advancements that were the result of a genius mind having a dream to spark everything.

1. The Periodic Table

We all know the periodic table of elements from all the chemistry lessons in school. What most people don’t know, however, is that the creator of this classification, Dmitri Mendeleev, had a dream in which he saw all the known elements classified in order. The Russian chemist was tired after trying for days to find a way to classify the elements, so he decided to give his mind a break and get some sleep. He noted in his personal journal, that during that sleep he dreamt of all the elements just falling into their perfect place in a well-organized table. He immediately noted what he dreamt and this led to the periodic table we know today.

2. The Sewing Machine

Clothing wouldn’t be this cheap to manufacture if it wasn’t for Elias Howe, the great inventor of the sewing machine. He exhausted himself while trying to come up with an invention that could stitch pieces of fabric together quickly and efficiently. The reason he eventually figured out how to do it was a dream, a strange dream. Tired from his attempts, he went to sleep and he had a nightmare with cannibals trying to cook him. These men were waving strange spears with a hole at the tip. This is how he got the idea to pass the thread through the tip of a needle instead of its end. Who knew a nightmare with cannibals could lead to an invention that would revolutionize the clothing industry.

3. Frankenstein

Mary Shelley wrote that she had a vivid dream that became the famous story of Frankenstein. She claimed that she saw a male student on his knees before a creature that he put together. She saw a man lying down, showing signs of movement in life as a result of being powered by a strange machine. This is what made her wonder how frightful it would be for a human to attempt at becoming a creator of life, and it resulted in the classic novel we know and love today.

4. The Model of the Atom

Niels Bohr, the mind behind the model depicting the atom, came up with it after a strange dream. He had a vision of the planets of our solar system being attached to strings while encircling the sun. This was enough to wake him up and give him the idea of the movement of electrons. The Danish physicist received a Nobel prize for conceiving the model of the atom , nd it was all thanks to the vivid dream of a tired genius.

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