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Top 5 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Top 5 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

The world is a strange and mysterious place, and it doesn’t take much to admit that we don’t always know everything that goes on behind closed doors. Conspiracy theories have been rampant for ages on all aspects of human existence imaginable, and there is more and more every day. Today we’re going to go over five of the strangest conspiracy theories one might stumble across.

1. Shakespeare Did Not Write His Plays

Nearly every high schooler is forced to read the works of Shakespeare, but there is a surprising amount of information that has led many to believe that Shakespeare wasn’t actually writing any of those himself. Perhaps the most popular suggestion is that the true author was Sir Francis Bacon. There are many arguments for this, including Shakespeare’s lack of education and literacy background. Believers insist that an uneducated, illiterate man such as Shakespeare had no way of achieving the colorful vocabulary seen in his works. In addition, Francis Bacon is well known for using ciphers, and Isaac Platt argued that a notable word cited in Shakespeare’s  Love’s Labour’s Lost, “honorificabilitudinitatibus,” is an anagram for “hi ludi F. Baconis nati tuiti orbi”, which translates to “These plays, F. Bacon’s offspring preserved for the world.”

2. The Titanic vs the Olympic Sinking

The Titanic was a tragedy of epic proportions, but there is compelling evidence to suggest that not only did the ship’s creators know the ship was doomed, but that it was not truly the Titanic in the first place. The Olympic was a sister ship to the Titanic, owned by the same group of people, and was nearly identical in looks and build. It was also involved in a collision to which the owners were labeled at fault, costing them quite a lot of money. Believers argue that now not having the money to complete their massively expensive new Titanic ship, the owners patched up and disguised the Olympic as the Titanic and sent it out to sea, knowing it was doomed to fail and planning to pull a tremendous case of insurance fraud.

3. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Shot Down

The disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 and its 239 passengers is haunting in its own, but there are many conspiracies and theories as to what happened to the ill-fated flight. In March of 2018, an Australian engineer named Peter McMahon claimed to have found the wreckage of MH370 using Google Maps, and that it appeared to be riddled with bullet holes. He claimed that U.S. officials refused to search the area and were withholding information from the public. “They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government, but why,” Peter is quoted as asking, leading many to believe governments may well know of the plane’s fate, but be hiding the information for some nefarious reason.

4. Time Cube

A throwback to 1997, Time Cube was a website and theory that rose in infamy, toated by the self-professed “wisest man in the world” Gene Ray. According to Ray, in each Earth rotation, there are actually four separate 24-hour days taking place simultaneously, and the government has purposefully withheld this truth and brainwashed everyone into believing in the false 1-day model. He offered $1,000 to anyone who could prove him wrong but insisted it was impossible. Ray owned his own website for his theory which is arguably more bizarre than the theory itself, in which he rambles and rants in increasingly illogical ways, including quotes such as “Belly-Button Logic© Works. When Does Teenager Die? Adults Eat Teenagers Alive, No Record Of Their Death.” A mirror of the site as it was in the 90s still currently exists for viewing today.

5. Chemtrails

Arguably one of the most popular conspiracy theories of our time, the idea of chemtrails comes from those who insist the white condensation trails left behind airplanes in flight are actually chemicals distributed by the government to negatively affect the general population. There are many theories as to what the chemicals do. Health effects such as respiratory problems, human population control, weather modification, and psychological manipulation are all popular claims of what these supposed chemtrails do. Despite scientists and researchers insisting the trails are simply vapored trails, believers insist those reports are funded by the government and that the truth is heavily guarded.

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