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Top 3 conspiracies that turned out to be true

Top 3 conspiracies that turned out to be true

Conspiracy theories are for the most part of a subject most people make fun of. The reason why is fairly simple. Most theories are outright ridiculous with unlikely connections created by paranoid people, or by those who just like to have fun by creating intricate scenarios. There are, however, some conspiracies that turned out to be true, even after decades of speculations. Some of these stories seemed ridiculous at the time, but evidence surfaced and eventually, governments admitted to what truly happened. So let’s take a look at which of these stories turned out to be actually true and not just wild, made up conspiracies.

1. Project Sunshine

Sadly this had nothing to do with the beauty of a sunny day. After the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US government started studying the effects of nuclear fallout on the human populations and on the human body. With the nuclear experiments, naturally, came all sorts of conspiracies. One of them was that the government was stealing human corpses to use in their nuclear fallout experiments. This conspiracy turned out to be quite accurate.

The government needed fresh tissues samples to study the fallout effects on the human body, so they recruited special agents to harvest these samples from the recently deceased. Some of these samples were even entire limbs. All of these samples and body parts were actually stolen by the government since there were no official requests from the grieving families. This story finally surfaced nearly 50 years after it all happened.

2. Mind Control

There was a great conspiracy that the CIA was experimenting with mind-altering drugs such as LSD on US citizens to see how they can alter and control human behavior. This mind control program sounds like it comes from a Sci-Fi movie, but it was actually very real. Decades after it all happened, it was confirmed that the CIA was drugging volunteers in a program called MK-Ultra. Not long after, the program evolved to a larger scale and they started experimenting on larger groups of people without their knowledge and consent. Many of the people used in these experiments ended up with permanent mental disabilities. Most victims were subjected to regular doses of LSD or meth to study their effects on the human mind and to establish a way of controlling human thought and behavior.

3. Tobacco Industry Lies

The conspiracy that the tobacco industry knew about tobacco causing cancer from the early 50s turned out to be true. Cancer was still being researched and there were many theories at the time. The cigarette manufacturing giants had their own researchers that made the connection between smoking tobacco and lung cancer all the way in the 50s, however, they kept this information from going public not to harm their sales. Only 40 years later did Philip Morris state that smoking might lead to cancer.


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