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Top Crafts to Learn in 2019

Top Crafts to Learn in 2019

Handmade goods and old crafts are back in style. With each passing year, more and more people are giving up on low quality, cheap goods and are more willing to invest in a handmade item that can last a lifetime. Crafts like candle making, leatherworking and many more are being rediscovered as personal hobbies and new business ideas. With easy access to a global market due to the Internet and the many craft selling platforms available, 2019 is a great time to pick up a craft and even turn it into a profitable business. Here are top crafts worth learning as a hobbyist or as a businessman.

1. Wood Burning

This craft is becoming more and more popular because of the small investment needed to start out and because of the market potential. Wood burning is a great way to create rustic, as well as modern, decorations for any home. It only requires wood and a pyrography, or wood burning, pen. Learn how to make personalized items without having to invest much money.

2. Bath Products

Thanks to more and more people wanting to invest in self-care, homemade bath products became the new craze. Natural bath salts, soaps, and bath bombs are the new trend the keeps on growing. People invest more in themselves and like to enjoy the simple things in life. Learning how to make any of these bath products can be a pleasurable hobby or a profitable business

3. Candle Making

The art of candle making is ancient, but it is currently going through a rebirth. Naturally scented candles, floating bath candles and beeswax candles are fun to make, inexpensive and a huge hit on the market. Natural candles can do wonders to someone’s home, with relaxing aromas or simply as decorations. You can start out learning this craft with a basic candle making kit, and who knows, maybe your entire neighborhood will start placing orders.

4. Calligraphy

It might seem like just writing fancy letters, but this is a craft that is very much appreciated even today. Calligraphy can be learned by anyone, just like any other skill. Yes, even if you have the ugly writing of a doctor. It can be calming and relaxing, but it can also grow into a business. Handwritten notes, invitations, and letters are becoming increasingly rare these days, but that just makes this craft more valuable. Calligraphers can barely cope with the number of wedding invitations they need to work on, not to mention the many other uses. You can even combine this skill with pyrography and come up with something unique.

5. Crochet

You might think this craft is only for your grandma because she’s just boring and old. Wrong! Learning how to crochet is a new trend among young adults who need to relax and unleash their creativity. Few things are more satisfying than making your own sweater or making a crochet doll for the little girl next door. You can even make a coffee mug cozy for those cold winter days at the office.

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