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10 Ideas to Organize Small Spaces

10 Ideas to Organize Small Spaces

The push to move towards smaller living spaces may be a great move for the future of our environment, but whether it’s a tiny house or a compact apartment, many people struggle with how to get the most of out their close-quartered homes. Here are ten ideas to give you a sense of direction when it comes to utilizing your small spaces!

1. Use Space Underneath Furniture

There plenty of space beneath most people’s beds, couches, and tables, and it doesn’t take much to make the most of it! Invest in plastic storage containers for under the bed and use them to store extra blankets, clothing, knick-knacks and more. There are a variety of thin, slender containers that can easily slip under most couches, not to mention a plethora of adorable and stylish baskets and boxes to place underneath your tables for extra storage.

2. Multi-Function Spaces

Make your spaces work double time. Consider investing in a daybed that can easily be transformed into a seating area during the day, or utilizing the tops of dressers for tables or desk areas. Even a closet can be spruced up to include a small work nook or extra dresser.

3. Multi-Function Furniture

On that same note, lots of people are embracing furniture that serves a dual purpose, such as coffee tables with fold-out desks or chairs, ottomans that are hollow to provide storage, wall mounted folding tables, and more.

4. Utilize Wall Space

Walls go underutilized in so many homes. While hanging pictures here and there is a staple, consider how much more you can be using your wall. Affixing cork boards to hand jewelry is a good example, as well as getting pegs or command hooks to hang hats or shoes. Floating shelves and caddies add easy storage for places like bathrooms or kitchens with no counter or cabinet storage, and you can also use them for books and knick-knack displays.

5. Use Your Door’s Surface

There are plenty of uses for your door other than being just a door. From over-the-door hanging pocket solutions for shoes or bathroom products to affixing towel rods to the bathroom door, there are a lot of creative ways to utilize your door’s surface area.

6. Use Spaces Above Your Door

Most doors aren’t flush with the ceiling, and if this is the case with yours, there’s a whole segment of storage potential you probably aren’t using. Consider installing a shelf or cubby above your doors, and use this for towels, sheets, or other bulky supplies.

7. Use your Corners, Nooks, and Crannies

It’s easy to overlook the small spaces, but once you take a fresh look, you’ll see how much space you’re not taking advantage of. There are plenty of shelves and cabinets made specifically for corner areas, as well as thin rolling pantry storage solutions that can slide in the spaces between your walls and appliances.

8. Make More Kitchen Counter Space

There are a variety of backsplash storage solutions for holding utensils, sink supplies, and even spices. Another thing to consider is a stove cover, which easily provides a whole plethora of counter space for when you aren’t currently needing to use your stovetop.

9. Headboard Space

Consider getting a headboard that allows you to store items in or on it. There are plenty out there to choose from, including some inexpensive hacks people have discovered with Ikea products or similar. You can also utilize floating shelves in place of a headboard in these areas – just don’t let the space go underutilized!

10. Hanging Baskets

Thinking “up” is a great way to make the most of your space, and things like hanging baskets help utilize the airspace in your rooms. While these are usually sold for kitchen use, you can install these on ceilings anywhere throughout your home, making them a unique and useful storage addition without taking up floor space.



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