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3 Ways to stay stylish in the winter

3 Ways to stay stylish in the winter

The winter months can seem like a never-ending battle to get through. The brutal mix of the freezing cold weather and lack of sun can leave us uninspired and with little motivation to look stylish. It’s easy to fall into the habit of reaching for your coziest and warmest pieces in your wardrobe day in and day out, but it is possible to beat the winter blues and have a killer winter style. Here’s how you can do it:

1. The core piece

Would you leave home in winter without bundling up in your jacket first? Not a chance. Your jacket acts as the core piece to your winter wardrobe. Doubling as armor to the cold, and the key item the world sees as you dash around the city. Have you ever noticed that people start to notice you based on it? “I thought that was you, I recognized your jacket.” Having a great jacket is the easiest way to hack your winter wardrobe so you always look polished, even on the days you are secretly still wearing your cozy fleece pajama top underneath. Pick a jacket that you would be proud to be noticed by. Whether that’s a timeless belted wool jacket in jet black with an exquisite structure or an oversized checked mohair statement coat. It should feel like an extension of your personal style, and of course, keep you warm.

2. Accent with accessories

While your jacket is the key item for winter, wearing the same jacket day after day can get a little boring. To avoid getting growing exhausted of your outerwear look, use accessories to add a bit of excitement and flair to your look. Throwing on a fun beanie keeps you warm and adds a new pop of color. Leather gloves add a touch of refinement to your winter wear, while scarves have the ability to totally transform the entire feeling of your style. On the days you’re craving something comfortable grab a big oversized scarf and go for the on-trend bohemian style, or add a smaller neck scarf for a more classic and chic look. Have fun with your accessories, allow them to be the pieces that really finish your outer look, and add that perfect touch of self-expression.

3. Add a little summer flavor

While some days you can get away with hiding your cozy fleece pajama top under your jacket, most days you will have to take off your jacket. Mixing your favorite summer pieces with your warm and cozy winter favorites can make an unexpected yet chic winter look. Break out your satin mid-length skirts, paring them with your thickest pair of tights, and chunky knit sweaters is an ultra cool way to use your summer skirts in the winter. For a new take on a layered look, pair your go-to pants with a turtle neck, and your favorite summer wrap dress. Adding a little summer vibe into your winter wardrobe can help add a little sunshine to even the closest and dreariest winter days.

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