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5 Common Mistakes in Relationships

5 Common Mistakes in Relationships

Nobody ever said that relationships were easy. While there are sure to be times with your partner that feel effortless and simple, the truth is there’s a lot of hard work behind every lasting couple. Often times the first step in paving the way to a successful relationship is taking the time to step back and recognize the areas we could all improve in. With that in mind, here are 5 common mistakes people find themselves making in relationships.

1. Taking Your Partner for Granted

In the glow of new relationships, it may seem that every little thing your partner does is magic. Of course, this honeymoon stage wears off into reality after a while, and while that in itself is not a bad thing, becoming too comfortable can be. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking your partner for granted. Take time to step back and appreciate the reasons you fell for them to begin with and recognize all they do to show their love for you.

2. Expecting them to Read Your Mind

A startling amount of resentment builds up in relationships simply because we expect our partner to be a mind reader. When it comes down to it, your S.O. is just like any other human – they need to hear from you, and there are no realistic “they should just know” cases. Chances are they aren’t leaving dishes in the sink to personally annoy you, or realizing you want more quality time together. Communicate openly with your partner, don’t begrudge them for what you haven’t even asked for!

3. Avoiding All Conflict

While having full-on blowout arguments on the regular isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship, disagreements and conflict are part of the dance of partnerships. Humans are complex, emotional beings, and you and your special someone aren’t always going to see eye to eye. This is perfectly fine, so long as you acknowledge it and take the time to talk and clear the air. Pretending everything is fine or sweeping disagreements under the rug is a recipe for disaster.

4. Giving Up Without Ever Trying

It’s so easy to get caught up in our heads, thinking ourselves into circles and discouraging ourselves before ever even putting in some effort. Relationships are no different. If you find yourselves having doubts or concerns, keeping it all to yourself until you’re so overwhelmed that you want to quit and run isn’t a fair game. Relationships take work, so put in the effort to communicate with your partner and see what happens before throwing in the towel.

5. Not Making Time for Each Other

Life gets away from us sometimes. It happens. Be it work, family, or otherwise, there’s a lot of things the average person juggles on their plate. In the hectic pace, it can be startlingly easy to forget to make time for your partner. Spending quality time together should be a top priority for you both, even if it requires some schedule rearranging. Keep the romance alive with weekly dates, and make sure you are saving time to talk to one another!


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