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5 ways to strengthen your relationship

5 ways to strengthen your relationship

Have you ever met one of those couples that seem to have it all together? The ones that feel like they never left the newly-wed stage, and just keep falling deeper and deeper in love each day? Here is a little secret about those relationships: It’s not effortless, they actively work at their relationship. Like anything you put continuous effort into, you get better and better at it as time goes on. Strengthening your relationship doesn’t mean you have to make big changes, it’s doing the small things continuously that will build your relationship’s strength over time.

1. Regular Date Nights

When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? If it happens all the time, that you get so busy with work, family, and friends that weeks turn into months, and you didn’t have any alone time together, it’s time to reprioritize. Making your relationship a top priority is the best way to keep it strong and healthy. Set one day a week that is your date day.  Block the day (or evening) off in your calendar, and make no excuses or exceptions to miss it.

2. Switch it up

Date nights don’t have to be the traditional dinner and movie. While that can be great now and then, switching it is a great way to add a little adventure to your relationship. Take a pottery class together, or go to a local rock climbing gym. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring you closer together, and you’ll have fun doing it.

3. Turn chores into a game

You know those things that nobody likes to do, but you have to do them? Like taking out the trash, doing the dishes or vacuuming the house? Chores are endless and can be frustrating in a relationship, especially when deciding who’s turn it is ends in an argument. Instead of stressing about it, decide who’s doing what chores by battling for victory by playing a game. Winner gets to pick their chore of choice, while the loser is left with the alternative.

4. Surprises

Finding an unexpected love note in the book you are reading, or coming home from a long day at work to find dinner already made, is something that makes anyone feel like the most special person in the world. Making a point to surprise your partner from time to time can bring back the novelty feeling like when you were just a budding relationship. There’s no denying the butterflies in your stomach and feeling like the luckiest person, when your partner shows their love for you when you least expect it.

5. Practice gratitude

It’s human nature to crave feeling needed and appreciated. Cultivate a stronger relationship by making sure your partner knows that you are thankful for them. It’s easy to fall into the mindset of thinking that they already know that you appreciate them, which is probably true, but it’s alway nicer to hear it. The next time your significant other does something that makes you feel lucky to have them in your life, tell them. Communicating after all is the key to a strong relationship.

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