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6 Boredom Busters that Don’t Cost Anything

6 Boredom Busters that Don’t Cost Anything

It sometimes feels like with the internet at our fingertips, we should never encounter boredom, yet that simply is not the case. There are only so many pages you can scroll, so many shows you can binge watch and so many cute animals videos you can share on social media. Going out can cost a big chunk of change, however, so what’s a person to do when they’re bored out of their mind but also pretty broke? Here are six suggestions for knocking out your boredom that won’t cost a thing.

1. At Home Spa Day

Make yourself feel like royalty and take some time to truly unwind. There are plenty of ingredients you most likely already have at home to whip up some DIY face masks and scrubs, moisturizers, or even bath bombs. Get a little crafty and then reap the rewards!

Dim the lights, light some candles or incense, play some relaxing music or maybe some rainy day backgrounds, draw a hot bath and let everything slip away. It can feel really good to unplug for your computer or TV for a while! Think of this as the time to recharge your batteries. Don’t forget to treat yourself with any decadent candies or treats you have lying around while you soak.

2. Build a Fort

This one may sound a little childish, but who doesn’t need to embrace their inner child once in a while? The whimsical fun of fort building can be just as amusing now as it was when you were a kid – perhaps even more so since most adults tend to have a little more architectural sense. Tap into your creativity and make yourself an epic hideout.

If you have a couch with removable cushions, it’s pretty easy to flip them on their sides and use them as sturdy walls. With the help of some sheets and the occasional bit of tape or thumbtacks, you can have an oasis to escape from the stresses of adulthood for a while. Wanna get fancier? Pull some string lights through to brighten up the place, and don’t forget to make room for a TV or laptop if you want to hunker down in your new fortress for a while.

3. Volunteer

You may not think of volunteering as a go-to boredom buster, but using your free time to help those in needs is one of the most gratifying experiences out there. Why just mope around when you could be changing lives?

Whether you’re more interested in visiting a local animal shelter to volunteer for dog walking or kitty socializing, or a nearby homeless shelter to help provide food and aid, there are many organizations that are always looking for an extra pair of hands to help out.

4. Local Museums

Not every town will have a local museum, but many do – or at least have one the next town over. While they may charge admission, typically smaller museums have a pretty steep discount, and many also have free days throughout the year. You’d be surprised what you can learn about your town’s history and local tidbits!

Browse your town’s listed activities, typically accessible through local newspapers or online avenues, and see what sort of free events your local museums or other attractions are offering up! A lot of these happen in the summer when parents are looking for ways to entertain their children, but there are plenty that is sure to be fun whether you have a kid or not.

5. Spread Random Notes of Kindness

You don’t need money to spread some happiness in the world. Receiving small notes of hope or affirmation can completely brighten someone’s day, like getting an unexpected letter in the mail but in an even less anticipated location.

Write up a list of positive affirmations and cheerful phrases, then cut them into small notes or strips. Now it’s up to you to spread them around! Some people head to bookstores and tuck their little pick-me-ups into the covers of books, while some slip them under windshield wipers or tape them to restroom stalls. You never know who could be needing a little bit of joy at any moment!

6. Hit Up the Library

Libraries aren’t the boring, stuffy places that they often get an undeserved rep for being. If you’re seeking information or entertainment, modern day libraries are your go to, and they are often completely free or seriously cheap to be a member of.

Most libraries today have not only books, but movies and music to rent, along with computers to use as well. Not only that, but many have fun events throughout the week, such as gameboard meetings, Dungeons and Dragons groups, writing workshops, tutor sessions, and a multitude of creative groups and amazing resources.

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