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  • 5 Useful Websites You Should Know

    5 Useful Websites You Should Know0

    The Internet is a magical place, with a myriad of useful websites, pages, and gadgets. It is very difficult to know and keep track of all of them – there are just too many! In today’s post on Topthingy, we’re giving you 5 websites that are extremely helpful yet remain unknown throughout the years. 1.

  • 5 Professions That Were Once Very Highly Regarded

    5 Professions That Were Once Very Highly Regarded0

    Throughout history, many professions have come and gone, getting replaced by more modern ones brought by technological advances. Twenty years ago, working as a VHS Player repairer was the norm; nowadays, it’s been replaced by phone and appliances repairmen. Some jobs didn’t completely disappear, but they lost a lot of their prestige and importance. Here

  • 4 90s Trends That Are Almost Extinct Now

    4 90s Trends That Are Almost Extinct Now0

    The 90s were a great nostalgic time that makes us look back to our past. There was pop culture, music, arts, fashion, movies and many more that were once very popular and trendy. Some are still going today but most have fizzled out and disappeared completely. The advance of technology, in general, has pushed many

  •  Top 3 Crypto Trends You Should Look Out For In 2019

     Top 3 Crypto Trends You Should Look Out For In 20190

    For the last 2 years, cryptocurrency has been watched closely by investors around the world. The currency is still very young compared to traditional currencies and is still in its infancy. None the less, it still managed to catch the eyes of not only veteran but also residential investors during Bitcoin ascendancy to $20,000 per coin back

  • How Technology Helps the Environment

    How Technology Helps the Environment0

    Manmade climate change is a hot topic nowadays, but saving the environment is a top priority for many great minds. Some think that technology is dangerous and can harm the environment even more, but new inventions prove otherwise. New tech is constantly being developed to tackle the many problems humans have caused on this planet.

  • Top 3 New Tech for Students

    Top 3 New Tech for Students0

    Technology is part of our everyday life and it affects the way we work, entertain and learn. You would think that with the rapid tech development in every sector, schools would revolutionize the way they handle education. Sadly, they have lagged behind. Many schools are even advocating against the use of technology, but students are