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4 Small ways to add mindfulness to your daily life

4 Small ways to add mindfulness to your daily life

Mindfulness has been proven to improve happiness, your health and can even make physical changes to your brain in the section that controls our memory. Sounds pretty great right? The best part is that we are all capable of living mindfully. The more you practice it, the more mindful your everyday interactions will be. Try adding these small mindful changes into your daily life, and embrace the positivity it brings in return.

1. Observing your thoughts

There is no catch here. Just observe your thoughts. You have thousands of thoughts each day rushing through your mind, actively noticing them is the key to unlock a better self-understanding by giving you insight on your own mind. Discover what makes you happy and what causes your anxieties, all by simply noticing what thoughts come into your mind. The key here is to solely observe with no judgment. We tend to be our harshest critics, so be mindful when you notice your thoughts, take them for what they are then let them go.

2. Act with Purpose

We are all guilty of speeding up when we feel rushed or under pressure. Mindfulness means giving the task at hand your undivided attention. Keep your mind from racing to the next item on your to-do list, by slowing down and keeping your focus in the present moment. Be purposeful when you are working on something, or engaging in conversation with someone. Actively give your full attention. Your mind will wander and that is completely normal, but mindfulness is pulling your attention back to the present moment. In return, you will have more successful outcomes on your tasks, and build more meaningful relationships.

3. Mindful Morning

Start your day off on a mindful note by adding a quick five-minute meditation to your morning routine. If you’re new to meditation and need a little push to get started try using meditation apps. There are a ton of them to choose from, and most offer free guided meditations. The apps make meditation super beginner friendly, all you have to do is sit comfortably, and follow the guides instructions. You can even choose your meditation based on what you want to improve upon or be more mindful of, like increased focus or stress relief. Five minutes in the morning can seem like a lot, but the outcome of going into the day mindfully refreshed will repay itself ten times over.

4. Do nothing

Practice being alone with your thoughts. You do not need to carve any extra time out of your day for this. It can be done while you are on the train to work, or while you are waiting for a friend. Typically when we are alone in moments like these, we pull out our phones or distract ourselves by reading or listening to music. Instead, resist the urge to reach for your phone and make these moments mindful by do nothing at all except observing the thoughts that come.

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