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Tips To Create the Perfect Self Care Routine

Tips To Create the Perfect Self Care Routine

Self-care is hardest for the people who need it the most. A common misconception is that self-care has to be all about beauty treatments and relaxation. The goal of self-care is to take care of yourself in the best way you can. Here are some ways to find the keys to your self-care routine.

1. Think about times you feel at peace

The best place to start in creating a self-care routine is to figure out what makes you feel most at peace. This can mean times that you feel relaxed or very “in tune” with the universe or just tasks that leave you with a deeply satisfied feeling. Getting your email inbox to zero is self-care. Organizing your closet is self-care. […] It doesn’t always have to be meditation and cucumber water, which are both great things, but everyone is different and everyone has different needs. So why do we think everyone can conduct self-care in the same way?

2. Schedule, schedule, schedule

Make an appointment with yourself for self-care and keep it. It can be so easy to put off self-care when there are emails to be answered, laundry to be done, kids to be parented, spouses to spend time with. Some of these things can even be incorporated into your self-care plan but that’s the key, it has to be planned. Schedule not only self-care but the time it will take you beforehand to make sure you have the time you need. If at all possible, make self care a weekly event. If you consistently make time for yourself, it will get easier and easier for both you and those around you to respect that time.

3. Health first

Much like the first step on this list, it’s important to really identify what health challenges you struggle with daily. Try to incorporate activities that will help mitigate your most common health problem. Some are common like face masks for skin problems or moisturizing for dry skin. But think about the health problems outside of those directly linked to beauty. Neck pain? Use a heating pad or personal massager in your routine. Do you frequently have digestive issues? Try drinking a tea or meal prepping snacks for the week ahead. Which brings us to the next item on the list…

4. Shop For Your Future

You may be saying, “Meal prepping? That’s not relaxing!” And that’s exactly right. Self-care is about doing things for your own health. For some, that means making time to relax but it can also mean taking the time to put yourself and your health first. Go shopping with the mission of buying things for your own health. This can be surprisingly hard and sometimes impossible for parents who have limited time and resources to spend on themselves. Rather than a “treat yo’ self” attitude, go with a plan to get healthy food for yourself that you like. Buy plastic organizers and finally tackle that messy bathroom sink. The goal should be to buy things to improve your quality of life in the future when life gets busy and self-care is put on the back burner.


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