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Top 5 Hiding Spots Burglars Check First

Top 5 Hiding Spots Burglars Check First

Everyone thinks about home security and stashing their valuables somewhere safe. You never know when you will fall victim to a burglar. However, you might think you’re being clever because the burglar will look for a safe, or valuables like TV’s and laptops and he won’t find you hidden cash. Well, you’re wrong. Burglars know where to look first, so your hiding spots might not be as secure as you think. So here are the top places these criminals check first.

1. Bedroom

You might think of hiding some extra money under the mattress. That the oldest trick in the book and no burglar will fall for it. Firstly, he will immediately head for the master bedroom because most people keep personal, valuable items there. That’s where you might keep some cash, your clothes, valuables or prescription drugs. The closet is also one of the first places a burglar will investigate. He will even go through all your clothing to see if he can find anything in the pockets. If you already store something of value there, stash it in a box with a boring name like “Textbooks” and place some old school books on top.

2. The Dresser

A lot of people keep a jewelry box on top of a dresser or nearby. Even if you don’t one, burglars will check the dresser nonetheless. People stash some money, watches and other valuables under the socks or in a shoe box. If you absolutely have to keep something of value in the dresser, then pick a colorful sock and roll the item inside it.

3. The Freezer

You might think no burglar will bother checking your meat in the freezer, so it must be a safe spot to hide your treasure with the peas, right? Wrong! A container with jewelry or a sock with cash in it will look extremely suspicious in there. Burglars check the freezer because it’s so easy to spot an obvious valuable holder. If you want to stick to this hiding place, then choose an actual bag that used to contain berries, and hide the jewels in there. It won’t look suspicious and the thief will overlook it.

4. Vase

Many people hide stuff in an empty vase and it doesn’t take burglars much of their time to check just in case. All a thief has to do is knock the vase, break it and see if anything’s there. Even if he needs to break a collection of 50 vases, he’ll do it because it’s easy and it might pay off. If you still want to use a vase for some of the valuables, make it a less obvious hiding spot by adding some flowers.

5. Suitcase

Many people use suitcases to store some valuables in case of an emergency exit. Burglars are aware that most won’t let this storage space go to waste. If they see a suitcase, they will check it, so don’t keep anything precious in there.

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