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Unique Beauty Treatments Trending in Early 2019 

Unique Beauty Treatments Trending in Early 2019 

Every year has new technology, new trends, and new hot items. Usually, on the cutting edge of these trends are products that test how far is too far when it comes to hot new beauty routines. Only time will tell which of these unique beauty treatments will be used for years to come and which will be forgotten by Valentine’s Day.

1. IV Vitamin Treatments

The process of this treatment is fairly self-explanatory. You’re hooked up to an IV drip that contains a cocktail of different vitamins that you can choose based on what you’re looking to improve about your health. Healthier skin, increased energy levels and a boost to your immune systems are all common effects of these products and the effects are said to last for a full week. The con is that this is a low-level medical treatment that involves needles and it can take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. An hour at a spa getting a facial can feel phenomenal but an hour hooked up to an IV… not so much.

2. Home Skin Scanning Technology

Neutrogena recently released the Neutrogena Skin360 which attaches to the back of a smartphone. You can then scan the skin on their face using the camera like sensor and an app on the phone will process the data, letting you know exactly where and how your skin is damaged. Even damage under the skin that you may have no idea is there. This product brings data analysis to your beauty routine. It will track your skin over time and make recommendations for products to try to help with your current skin issues. Unfortunately, though, only consumers with iPhones can use this product, Android users have to live with secretly damaged skin for a while longer.

3. Injectable Moisturizers

A new product from the makers of Botox is being sold as the first injectable moisturizer. Volite is made from hyaluronic acid, the same chemical used in most injectable fillers. This chemical occurs naturally in the skin but is greatly reduced as we get older. By supplementing the hyaluronic acid our skin might have lost and which is capable of retaining incredible amounts of moisture, the treatment is said to help keep skin hydrated for up to nine months. In many ways, it’s similar to Botox but instead of introducing a new chemical, it works to reinvigorate the chemicals your body already makes. The downside is that it’s fairly expensive and requires you to sit through many needles being injected into your face.

4. Jade Rollers

Calling them ‘jade’ rollers is a bit misleading because these rollers come in a variety of different types of stone and crystal, depending on what healing benefits you’re looking for. The basic premise is that the beneficial properties that some crystals are seen to possess can be brought into the daily beauty routine by creating an easy way to massage the crystal on your face. They are basically small paint rollers with the handle and rolling barrel made from the crystal that you use by rolling on your face.

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