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Top 3 Foods To Use Again and Again In Your Keto Diet

The keto diet is incredibly popular right now, mostly due to the great results that a lot of people have had while using it. The basic keto diet requires high fat, modest protein, and almost no carbs. Keeping at least some fun food in the diet might be part of the reason why so many people have been able to start and stick to it. Here are a few foods that are great because they can be used as versatile substitutes.

1. Lettuce

It could have been worse, this article could have started with cauliflower but hang in there because there’s a very specific reason why lettuce is number one. A significant food missing from the keto diet is bread, tortillas and any other type of wrap that can make packing a lunch for work easier. Not having a packed lunch for a busy day at work is a perfect set up for temptations.

The drive-thru is just around the corner, or your coworker brings in pizza and suddenly you’re way off your diet. Here’s where lettuce comes in, it’s a fantastic substitute for tortillas and wraps. Almost any sandwich can be turned into a lettuce wrap, and while tortillas are great, they’re never going to give you that great, satisfying crunch that lettuce can. There’s just something so crisp and bright about each bite of a lettuce wrap. Buy a head of lettuce, strip away the big outer leaves that you can use for the wraps and then chop the rest for salads. For the price of a head of lettuce, you’ve essentially got the basis for an entire week of lunches.

2. Almond Milk

Milk is extremely sketchy when it comes to the keto diet. Milk has a ton of carbs which is brutal for those on keto who enjoy a cold glass of milk. Unfortunately, soy milk is even worse, coming in with 15g of carbs per serving compared to cow’s milk which has 12g. Almond milk is the de facto substitute for keto because of it’s 1 or 2g carbs per serving. But BEWARE because flavored almond milk can have as high as 19g of carbs per serving.

Basically, all of the flavors and sweeteners put in by the company can completely destroy the one reason you were drinking it in the first place. If you have trouble drinking it straight, there’s really no direct solution because almost any sweetener will immediately jack up the number of carbs. But, it can still be very useful for use as coffee creamer (and lots of Stevia for sweetness) or to use in smoothies.

3. Cheddar Cheese

The fact that cheddar cheese is okay by the keto diet is a miracle. Make yourself a keto friendly cheese sauce by combining 1 cup of heavy whipping cream per 4 ounces of shredded cheese, salt, pepper and whatever other seasonings and spices you want to use. Melt it all together and you have an incredible, rich cheese sauce that only has 1 carb or less in every 2 tablespoons. The infinite veggies you can eat on this diet just became way more appealing when covered in cheese.

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